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  1. red_harrington

    How is your dry January coming along

    I never thought I would say this but I'm not missing beer at all I still have some in the cupboard from last year - not interested!!!
  2. red_harrington

    Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule

    They should bring these ads back Car following me for 2 miles along country roads, right up my ****. I wasn't going fast or slow, just the usual speed most people do When I went to turn right, you can guess what happened :mad::mad::mad: I'm always moaning to Mrs H about tailgaters and I'm...
  3. red_harrington

    Duncan Ferguson

    Not sure where I stand with him. On the one hand he was an aggressive & violent Scottish footballer who's Everton through and through, and I don't particularly like Everton for a number of reasons On the other hand you can't deny the passion he has for football, and that's something to be...
  4. red_harrington

    It used to be just religion and politics

    Now you can't talk about Brexit, and vaccination either without risk of alienating or even losing your friends. I say this because I've just found out a good mate of mine isn't just anti-vax for covid, but he is anti-vaccination full stop, and none of his kids have any kind of vaccination at...
  5. red_harrington

    Best goal of the FA Cup third round VOTE

    You can vote for Uche Ikpeazu here But it won't win of course because Liverpool have more supporters than us, even though Firmino's goal wasn't all that. Still, nice to see the Boro represented :)
  6. red_harrington

    Who wants to make a record

    Press On Vinyl are hiring
  7. red_harrington

    Words you really like

    Now we're into a new year let's start on something positive :) Discombobulation
  8. red_harrington

    Cooking Christmas Dinner

    The boy got over his covid and the new rules means Xmas is back on track :) So I'm cooking for 13 tomorrow My sister says to cook the turkey upside down, then turn it right side up for the last hour to brown the skin. I might give it a go this year. I just hope it's not a wind up?!?!
  9. red_harrington

    My son just tested positive

    b****d Must have got it the last day of school!!!! Christmas is cancelled as far as we're concerned :(
  10. red_harrington

    Why don't the Americans like brown sauce?

    And other important questions.
  11. red_harrington

    Banksy T Shirts

    I see the queues have started in Bristol Genuine fans or flippers out to make £££ Probably the latter
  12. red_harrington

    Nailed on certainties in life

    When you open a packet of biscuits, the first one is always broken
  13. red_harrington

    Zlatan Ibrahimović

    Just played 90 mins for AC Milan in the Champs League against Liverpool, aged 40 He tried an overhead kick in the 85th minute, a bit sad to see as he would have buried it if he was younger
  14. red_harrington

    Black shoes with white soles

    OK let this be said - I know nowt about fashion and I don't get out much But I noticed Zinedine Zidane wearing some on the touchline a while back, which I thought was a bit odd given his all-black attire, and then on MOTD last week two of the presenters had them on too Is this a fashion thing...
  15. red_harrington

    Can't sleep

    I've been lying awake for the past hour or two and finally decided to get up, it's just past 4.30am What to do in these early hours? Apart from look over fmttm of course
  16. red_harrington

    Awesome skillz

    I've watched over and over and my brain hurts trying to figure out how he does this
  17. red_harrington

    Predictions for the future

    Within 50 years...... FOOD Eating meat from animals will be for the rich and a select few The rest of us will eat cultured meat or become vegetarian/vegan Farmland will give way to rewilding projects Vertical farming and hydroponics will become the norm TRANSPORT Petrol & diesel cars will...
  18. red_harrington

    Road Rage

    A thing of the past once you've watched the Ogmis School of Zen Motoring videos. Watch, learn, and don't forget to double-wave.
  19. red_harrington

    Reading Glasses

    In addition to my new hearing aid I've been using reading glasses for about a year now. I get through a pair every couple of months. One of the arms invariably snaps off and can't be reattached. If someone can invent a pair of reading glasses that last longer than a year they could become...
  20. red_harrington

    Lockdown purchases you regret

    During lockdown quite a few people bought hot tubs, dogs, exercise bikes - and houses, that they now regret Oh dear Personally I bought loads of jigsaws, I now have a massive pile of them, all destined for an ebay listing soon :geek: