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    Frank Lampard offered Everton Job

    It is astonishing how the stars are aligning to keep Leeds or Newcastle (possibly even both!) up. Watford, Burnley and Everton seem determined to give some drama to a relegation scrap which should have had Newcastle and Norwich buried and Leeds slipping in with their defeats.
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    Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule

    Far too many people put too much trust in their brakes when the roads are potholed and poorly lit on routes like that. I really notice it when I drive our little car. I had somebody tried to overtake me as I turned right into a T junction a few weeks ago. That takes an IQ in minus figures.
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    Grant McCann

    There were times in our past when wins against the big boys distracted from turgid drivel against the bottom six. Perhaps it'll be another Adkins/Pochettino situation. Nobody seemed to think that was a good move at the time.
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    Premier League and police to hold crisis talks over fan disorder

    Too many drugs putting people on edge, too many young men with a glamourised image of football violence and a craving for their precious social media likes. In some places the problem is aggravated by the biggest legal gang in town turning up in full paramilitary mode. They should be given...
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    First half never turned up pen denied offside goal crooks missed sitter at the death

    Sloppy from us, missed chances and too many passing errors. However, I think that there is only Fulham who are fast enough and fit enough to shut us down like that for a whole game. Still better than we were watching earlier this season and a confirmation that the director of football has a...
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    Connolly really ?

    I think that Blackburn have matched us well for pace and movement. Any striker would be struggling tonight and they're just not going to give Connolly any room. There's no way we can go with the all pile on tonight, so Watmore will surely make an appearance as he is capable of a breaking run...
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    Songs with animal sounds in the backgroud

    It may be tricks of the studio, but I always presumed that Drain You by Nirvana had noises by little furry creatures featured in it.
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    No way is that a penalty in the Liverpool game. VAR is pathetic.!

    I'm watching this game and thinking that if we didn't go up this season, it wouldn't be a disaster to avoid refereeing like that. Awful, awful decision making. Ball went the wrong way, he then looks at the goalie and heads towards him for the tumble. We get stupid mistakes in our league, but...
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    Arteta doesn't look too happy

    I think of the Captain Scarlet drum riff every time he is interviewed after a match. 'We know you can play football, Arsenal men.'
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    Steve Gibson open letter to Derby Administrators

    I love these app notifications about the Derby drama. Like an old school classmate you haven't actually spoken to for 20 years airing their emotional laundry on Facebook. Steve Gibson: Cannot believe yous ram lot. Derby County: 🐍🐍🐍
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    The Hazards of Saudi money

    If the RM squad and management couldn't get him to consistently perform, then I'll have whatever non alcoholic beverage our Saudi chums are having if they think that playing with Lascelles and Joelinton will bring out his best.
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    There’s something special happening here

    I really loved seeing Balogun heading to the tunnel at full time, but Tav gesturing for him to come back and see the fans. Nice to see the squad together and given the often toxic atmosphere at Arsenal it'll make a pleasant change for the new guy too.
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    Mike Ashley in talks to seal Compensation deal with Boro

    A pair of Lonsdale trackies for every season ticket holder, but we have to pay the P&P and the only size available is XXXS.
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    'Operation Save Big Dog'

    They will need to run some seriously accurate polling: they have a fine balance between traditional Tories who will be rolling their eyes at this and their new mates who cheer on Boris, crying 'nobody cares!' and 'he was trying his best!' I think he'll survive because of the latter: they won't...
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    Only one Arsenal player has COVID

    Perhaps they're scared of giving Spurs their own version of that 8-2 drubbing when Wenger sent a makeshift team out at Old Trafford.
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    With more people WFH - do you think these desks will catch on?

    Imagine that under the stairs in a cupboard. It reminds me of a drummer with some crazy stage equipment. Think it may have been Mötley Crüe.
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    A man who provided us with legendary moments, undoubtedly. I think that the amount of times that an invisible man put him on his backside in the box when running towards goal excludes him from parity with the greats.
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    Reading v Fulham.

    Look at the GD after tonight. Fulham have almost double Bournemouth... Who are still above them!
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    Randolph 3rd choice.

    I suppose when you spent every weekend of your youth being ferried around to play, training and joining academies then it becomes the equivalent of the average person doing school, college, university... You end up becoming good at something which started as 'just what I do.' You know nothing...
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    Man u or Villa away

    Given the way they laboured and strived to a point against the mighty Newcastle, I don't see why we can't enjoy the possibility of Man Utd...