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  1. Ironops

    watching the game tomorrow

    Is it on anywhere? Can I watch it through the boro stream on the website?
  2. Ironops


    Never seen BJ so shambolic and rambling, an utter clown
  3. Ironops

    Things Fell Apart

    Podcast by Jon Ronson about the history behind some of the current social issues we see. Its on BBC Sounds and its excellent although typically the BBC are doing that thing where you only get 1 episode a week instead of being able to listen to them all at once...:rolleyes:
  4. Ironops

    Next manager sorted?

    According to this fella
  5. Ironops

    Currys - buy now pay later finance

    Im thinking of getting a new laptop from Currys. They do a 'buy now, pay nothing for 6 months' deal on the one I want. After 6 months you pay 24% interest for between 12-36 months so payments can be more or less How does the interest work if I pay it off earlier that say the 36 months? Do just...
  6. Ironops

    And Away...Bob Mortimer

    Just started listening to this on audible, read by the man himself. Its absolutely superb!
  7. Ironops

    Whats happening with Van Bergen then?

    Anyone know?
  8. Ironops

    Joe Lumley set to sign - allegedly

  9. Ironops

    Joe Lumley - QPR keeper

    is he any good?
  10. Ironops

    Warnock - ‘good old Boris’

    Oh dear...
  11. Ironops

    Of the free agents and 'realistic' targets...

    Which one would you most like to see us sign this summer?
  12. Ironops

    Robert Glatzel - Cardiff

    they want rid according to the Gazette and we could be interested is he any good?
  13. Ironops

    The Burnt Orange Heresy

    Rented it on Apple TV on Saturday -good film, keeps you guessing (y)
  14. Ironops

    Famara Diedhiou or Charlie Austin?

    Both out of contract in the summer, Diedhiou seems to be a Warnock favourite and we may well have tried to sign Austin in Jan just as he went to QPR Diedhiou has scored 8this season but averaged 1 in 3 at Bristol Austin has scored 5 in 13 at QPR and has a ratio of 1 in 2 across his career Who...
  15. Ironops

    Rangers interested in Britt

    Didnt someone on here say he would do well at Celtic a few weeks back?
  16. Ironops

    New Champions League format

    Apparently a deal is close to expand it to 36 teams in a 'Swiss style' system with a league table: knock on effect could be a reduction in the size of the Prem or changes to...
  17. Ironops

    Just cancelled Sky tv

    Bill had been £48 a month for Sports, Movies and entertainment plus HD - never understood why they charged more for HD but anyway... End of my contract and they put the price up to £81 a month :oops: cant really justify that to watch Boro on the red button with terrible picture quality so...
  18. Ironops

    Warnock - 'a few things wrong at the club'

    Recruitment and the way we do deals? Didnt Pulis say the same thing a few years ago?
  19. Ironops

    Quartz or laminate work tops?

    Looking into them for a new kitchen and the price difference is MASSIVE! Is quartz that much better? Any alternatives? all advice welcome!
  20. Ironops

    Who was best, Viduka, Boksic or Ravanelli?

    Just seen some old footage of Boksic on a twitter feed, got me thinking. Only my opinion but those 3 feel like the same 'type' of player - skillful classy but maybe dont offer a lot in general play...