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  1. Capybara

    QPR U23 v Boro U23

    If anyone is going to this tomorrow, note that the venue has been changed. It looks like it's at the training ground out near Heathrow. Kick-off remains at 13:00. Postcode UB3 5AQ.
  2. Capybara

    I don't think I've seen this before

  3. Capybara

    Boro Managers who are also comparatives

  4. Capybara

    FA Cup third round draw

    Wimbledon away. You read it here first.
  5. Capybara

    Songs that are also crossword clues

  6. Capybara

    How to announce your fixtures

  7. Capybara

    Referees that are two railway stations

    The last one didn't really work, did it? Keith Stroud
  8. Capybara

    Railway stations that are also former footballers and referees

    Gordon Hill
  9. Capybara

    Making stuff last a little bit longer

    I've just done the highly satisfactory double of merging the last sliver of the old soap bar with the new one, and getting the last of the three extra washes out of a Fairy Liquid bottle you can get when you think it's empty. Any others?
  10. Capybara

    Who likes model railways?

  11. Capybara

    So, the election for mayor of London, then

    Candidate list. I was somehow drawn to the chap from UKIP.
  12. Capybara

    Nine years ago today

  13. Capybara

    I'm not a cat

    Can't believe this hasn't been posted already. Anyway, he isn't a cat
  14. Capybara

    Allan Johnston

    I'd almost forgotten about him but he popped up last night on the telly as manager of Queen of the South against Queen's Park. Didn't play too many times for us but I think he played in a threadbare side against Arsenal in the FA Cup semi-final along with the likes of Mickaël Debève, didn't he?
  15. Capybara

    New Year challenge

    Just looking at Erimus’s NYD thread and it’s interesting that David Mills, whose debut was in 1969, played in the same team as Tony Mowbray, who played until 2000. So that’s 31 years covered by two players. The challenge is to connect pre-war to the present day using as few Middlesbrough players...
  16. Capybara


    One of the best ever FMTTM posters in my opinion. He always kept us entertained. He changed his name to comfortable_shoes and was also the brains behind sweet_william I believe. I wonder where he is now.
  17. Capybara

    What happened to match threads?

  18. Capybara


    I think I know the answer to this but I'm having a go anyway. I'm sorting through all my stuff and I've got to fanzines. I have hundreds of FMTTM and I really should dispose of them. However, I'd rather they went to a good home so if anyone wants them they can have them (other than a small...
  19. Capybara

    Willie Maddren question

    (or fao Erimus74) I had a vague recollection that Willie Maddren was called up into the England squad once but was injured so couldn't play even if selected. I've just been looking through my programmes and pulled out the one for England v Portugal that I went to in 1974 and Willie Maddren is...