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  1. Muttley

    Why are there no PL games this weekend?

    The Barcodes are off to Saudi to catch some sun, I believe they are getting to watch a stoning to incentivise the players...
  2. Muttley

    Heating being turned off...

    Remember the fuss about the "Insulate Britain" protests? Not wrong were they? If instead of spending money subsidising gas bills or incentivising oil and gas production we spent the money on making our houses more fuel efficient. Might be a good idea...
  3. Muttley

    Sue Grey report going through legal checks

    They use the press to get people who have done "quite well" to vote in the interests of the mega rich rather than the ordinary working class people from whom they sprung. So it is foreigners in rafts, chavs on benefits, or anyone to make them think that a vote to oppress is a vote in their...
  4. Muttley

    Teenage cocaine dealer caught red-handed in toilets surrounded by fans at Boro match

    This is the "Johnson Defence" it's not criminal because he's stupid...
  5. Muttley

    Sue Grey report going through legal checks

    D!ck to the rescue, prefect co-ordination, nothing to see here... They must take us for fools with the attention spam of an ageing goldfish in that last throws of dementia.
  6. Muttley

    New drinks package

    The urine of a flea and plague riddled camel is an improvement on the vile abomination that is "Smiths"
  7. Muttley


    Biden now predicting a Russian invasion next month. There will come a point where Putin has to p!ss or get off the pot, it is impossible to maintain a huge deployment of troops "in the field" indefinitely. You have to feed them, keep them warm, provide support facilities like toilets and...
  8. Muttley

    Yet another reason to love Neil Young.

    That is pretty much word for word EXACTLY what he did say, I've seen the clip. Initially he talked about well I'm not white I'm a sort of tan colour and then he went on to describe POC of various shades of brown and said "you are only truly black if you’re from the deepest, darkest parts of...
  9. Muttley

    Extra month for Derby

    Exactly my thoughts, the only people who will make money out of this mess.
  10. Muttley

    My 11 year old tested positive for covid this morning

    Good question!!! I think so... Anyone know for sure? Mr. Johnson? A perfect example of where we are (utterly confused)
  11. Muttley

    Sue Grey report going through legal checks

    If you follow Russ Jones on that Twitter you may have seen his helpful "Week In Tory" posts? This is so far this week... Simultaneously funny and depressing.
  12. Muttley

    My 11 year old tested positive for covid this morning

    Get well soon young'un.
  13. Muttley

    Morrissey open letter to Marr

    So big question Morrissey > Clapton or Clapton > Morrissey?
  14. Muttley

    VAR FA Cup pricing

    Anyone think ManUtd WON'T charge us for VAR?
  15. Muttley

    Barry Cryer

    Heard this a while ago, you sort of hope it's not true. RIP a true great comic writer and comedian and by all accounts an all round nice chap.
  16. Muttley

    New Highway Code Changes Come Into Effect Saturday 29th January

    Yes, that is obviously the message...
  17. Muttley

    New Highway Code Changes Come Into Effect Saturday 29th January

    Sorry that is rubbish. Yes HiVis may not make you any more visible against a setting sun but it will not make you "invisible" and in any case you are talking about a situation that lasts for at most half an hour a day on a road running East-West. One of the routes I use out of Darlington...
  18. Muttley


    You have to look at Putin's personal history. (This is from memory but I think broadly correct) He was a fairly low ranking KGB officer in Dresden when the wall came down. He advocated a violent response to stop the collapse of the Warsaw Pact but there were no instructions from a paralysed...