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  1. Humpty

    West Stand Upper Tickets Withdrawn From Sale for Derby Game

    Apparently Derby fans have been purchasing tickets in the west upper, allegedly with the intent of reaching Gibson, to do what i have no idea. The club have now taken tickets off sale in this area.
  2. Humpty

    Ugo Ehiogu Memorial

    Following discussions with the Official supporters forum, it appears there may be some traction with creating a memorial to big Ugo. This thread is to brainstorm ideas and suggestions of how best to commemorate him. The initial suggestion was for a painted mural to be created either in and...
  3. Humpty

    Why do the Aaron Connolly threads keep getting locked or deleted?

    Surely there's nothing wrong in discussing a new signing and his decision to take a trip out to Newcastle on a bank holiday Sunday on his first day as a Boro player, when A) he has previous for getting mixed up in the wrong crowds and B) Boro are trying to keep a close control on Covid...
  4. Humpty

    Where's the Aaron Connolly out in the Quayside thread gone?

    It appears to have disappeared. I have no evidence of it in my activity stream either. Has it been deleted?
  5. Humpty

    Encouraging Signs Under Wilder

    We're making some stratospheric leaps forward in the way we play but it's not going to click over night. Defensively, we've literally restricted them to two chances one of which was of our own doing and the other was a good header albeit resulting from poor marking. The structure we have when...
  6. Humpty

    Phil Spencer "Journalist"

    Does this guy have the worst take of all the Boro journalists out there? As a reminder this is the guy that said he also follows Liverpool because he supports a small club like Middlesbrough.
  7. Humpty

    Ticketing Problems on Saturday

    Did anyone encounter any trouble at the ticket offices on Saturday? In particular the east stand ticket office.
  8. Humpty

    Match by Match Ticket Prices / Boro Pride

    Has anyone heard anything in this regard? There was supposed to be some form of Boro Pride released this year but still nothing announced. Leaving it a little late now...
  9. Humpty

    Akpom told he can leave

    As per Greame Bailey I despair for any striker trying to play in our system under Warnock.
  10. Humpty

    Premier League Hall of Fame

    WHAT IS THE PREMIER LEAGUE HALL OF FAME? The Premier League Hall of Fame recognises and honours former players who have an exceptional record of on-pitch success and have shown significant contribution to the League since its inception in 1992. This will be the highest individual honour awarded...
  11. Humpty

    The Masters 2021

    Lets have your picks then. My provisional picks are as follows: Win only Rahm 10/1 W/EW Collin Morikawa 25/1 W/EW Tony Finau 28/1 W/EW Cameron Smith 35/1 W/EW Corey Connors 66/1 W/EW Max Homa 80/1
  12. Humpty

    Darnell Fisher joins FMTTM for Zoom Call

    Did he?! :oops:
  13. Humpty

    Supporters Forum

    Isn't there a meeting tonight? Are you fielding questions Rob? If so, question number one. What is the clubs position on the proposed re-structuring of the league.
  14. Humpty


    Currently on my journey to single figures handicap (still a long way to go)... i've progressed this year from 24 down to 19. I'm starting to see progression in all elements of my game now. For anyone now in single figures what was the biggest improvement in your game that helped you progress...
  15. Humpty

    25 Years at the Riverside

    What are your over riding memories? Your first visit? Favourite game? Worst game? The game you wish you could experience again? Personal memories from a game not overly memorable. Perhaps your kids first game? What improvements would you make to the ground or surrounding area?
  16. Humpty

    A balanced Adama Traore Article
  17. Humpty

    Who would you want if Woodgate left?

    Simple question. Obviously someone that would be within our ability to recruit. Chris Hughton would be on my shortlist alongside Mark Hughes. Maybe Neil Warnock until the end of the season only.
  18. Humpty

    Wilder vs Fury

    Any predictions, thoughts, musings? Is that eye going to open up? Any chance of Fury scoring a knock down? Will Wilder be more composed? I think an early knock out for Wilder Round 3. Can't see past his power. I also think the first fight will have been more beneficial for Wilder than Fury.
  19. Humpty

    The Globe, Stockton

    Can anyone shed any light on the progress of this building? Seem's to have been going on for a decade now. Is there a completion date in sight?