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  1. Omega

    Lord Ahmed

    Another beast caught
  2. Omega

    Blackpool pub

    Which pub are the boro in
  3. Omega

    Blackpool away help

    I have bought 3 tickets for Blackpool but the person who was taking us is having to work. Has anyone got 3 space on bus for travel their and back even just back as can get train their just not home thanks
  4. Omega


    Any suggestions where I could find one in the shape of a cross. In TS postcode
  5. Omega

    Pubs Coventry

    Any good pubs
  6. Omega

    What’s your opinion on the fouls

  7. Omega

    London Wembley Parking

    Any advice welcome
  8. Omega

    Loan Players

    Do you think that any of the players out on loan fit in with his plans
  9. Omega

    1000 Albion pub

    WOW that’s some session
  10. Omega

    Our players out on loan

    How are our players doing out on loan
  11. Omega

    Gun fights in Middlesbrough

    Has it really got that bad
  12. Omega

    Player Ratings

    What where your player ratings last night
  13. Omega

    Nathan Wood

    Is he staying or going. Is he going to make it