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    The Bridge

    What a superb series. I don’t know how I missed this. Saga Noren is a fantastic character, very funny at times. All 4 series available on BBC I player.
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    When will we stop asking people who are asymptomatic or have only mild symptoms to isolate?

    The time will come when we step down the testing and just let it spread in the knowledge that only a small minority will suffer negative consequences. The most physically vulnerable will need to be shielded but those stupid enough to decide not to be vaccinated will suffer their own...
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    Wish I was there

    Great result Must have been s fantastic atmosphere.
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    Thoroughly sick of the Bielsa/Leeds hype

    They are where they are because they are not very good. Crack on Arsenal
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    Here we go again with Covid

    Cases are going to spike dramatically. A small percentage of a large number could well put an an already strained NHS under unbearable pressure. Cue further restrictions. None of us want it but it will probably become necessary. Quite conceivable that football will be paused again...
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    Would you keep Sporar at the end of the season?

    He’s not looking the player I hoped he would be.
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    How irritating are these clowns in the background at the T20?

    It’s worse than the 100.
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    Looks like the Ashes will go ahead

    I think any players who don’t fancy it should be warned that they could be putting their chances of future selection at risk. Take players who are committed to playing for England. This may mean some new selections, a chance to try out some talent with a partly developmental squad. I really...
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    Another season to be written off

    Warnock will go at the end of the season, unless we look like going down, which would hasten his departure. Then there will be another change of direction with different players coming in, needing time to bed in and transition being mentioned again….. I’m sick of it, I’m really losing the will.
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    What a difference a Bamba makes

    He was outstanding, lead the defence and kept us tight at the back. You can easily see how we could have conceded if we wasn’t playing. Let’s hope he stays fit and his presence has the desired affect on his fellow defenders. Only then will I begin to feel confident in our ability to defend.
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    Nice touch
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    Have people been won over by the Hundred?

    The graphics are awful and the unnecessary distractions still make me cringe at times but I have put aside my initial snobbery and enjoy watching most games now, or I at least have it on in the background. I have to be honest in saying I don’t bother with the women’s games though.
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    Off to Leeds for the T20 tomorrow.

    I really didn’t think this was going to happen, one day before the relaxation of restrictions. Full house; proof of vaccination or LFD test on entry. The chance to sit in the sun, have a few beers and take in a hopefully glorious sporting occasion again. Can’t wait. Smiley face emoji.
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    Somewhat concerning

    I have always been a staunch supporter of necessary restrictions but this poll, dark blue responses in particular, shows how easily people can be conditioned to accept significant, permanent changes to their lives. Yes, a small number may always have said that but we are definitely seeing signs...
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    We need a draw on Tuesday

    That will suit Southgate’s usual conservative, unnecessarily cautious approach but what if we score? What if they score?
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    Euros could face significant disruption

    If players test positive for Covid. There will be dispensation to call up extra players but any spread of Covid and the associated isolation requirements within a squad could cause significant problems…..
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    Realistic expectations of England’s chances

    How far do people think England will go in this tournament? I have to say I do not feel optimistic. I will be glad to see us get out of the qualifying group.
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    The way forward

    I don’t always agree with Blair but he is spot on in this respect. Don’t suppose it will happen though, too many objectors......
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    Compulsory vaccination for NHS staff members I agree, should also be compulsory for Care Home staff. These staff members have a responsibility to protect those in their care.
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    Hereward The Woke

    That amused me.