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    VIP fast lane

    An update on yesterday's Guardian article accusing Michelle Mone of having an involvement in a company she recommended for PPE contracts. It's now claimed she recommended the company 5 days before it existed
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    Japan Is Working on a COVID-19 Vaccine That Offers Lifelong Immunity

    And it could change the course of the pandemic
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    Fujifilm jobs

    It's an ill wind ... 'Japanese conglomerate Fujifilm is making the largest investment in UK pharmaceuticals manufacturing in decades, spending £400m to double the size of its Teesside plant that has been making the Novavax Covid-19 vaccine.'
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    Snouts in the trough contd.

    Good Law Project latest names VIP fast-lane facillitators "A leaked document has revealed which Conservative MPs and Peers funnelled companies through a ‘VIP lane’ for lucrative PPE contracts, without competition. A staggering £1.6 billion worth of contracts were awarded as a result of...
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    Self-obsessed and not very bright- Boro council

    Andy Preston's description of Boro councillors
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    Good Law Project wins again

    Court orders government to reveal VIP fast lane firms
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    Merson - Hooked

    Extract from Merson's 'autobiography' - Hooked - in the Mail. Covers the Gazza/Boro years. Grim reading
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    Robert Plant and Boro

    Article in Today's Guardian Robert Plant's Teenage Obsessions in which we make the final para: " I’ve had abuse following Wolves and my daughter Carmen still reminds me that I took her to places such as Ayresome Park in Middlesbrough, when we’d be cowering in someone’s porch while there was a...
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    Houchenism is now officially a thing. Will Hutton in tonight's Guardian/tomorrow's Observer
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    Good Law Project Update - more snouts in trough

    Good Law Project is now able to reveal the names of four more companies awarded contracts through the VIP lane: Clandeboye Agencies, P14 Medical, Luxe Lifestyle and Meller Designs. P14 Medical, run by a Tory councillor and donor, was awarded £276m in PPE contracts. Meller Designs, run by David...
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    Snouts in the trough contd

    Good Law Project Last week, the High Court granted permission to advance our case against Government for its award of contracts to Abingdon Health for rapid antibody tests. The deal with Abingdon Health has been marred by controversy since the very beginning, with Government suppressing reports...
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    Good Law Project We are pleased to announce that our judicial review with Runnymede of the Government’s practice of handing public sector jobs to its mates without open recruitment has been granted permission. We will have our day in Court. The story we tell ourselves is that these things don’t...
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    Anyone had a DNA ancestry test?

    The Highland Clearances thread raised questions of nationality and ancestry. Almost by definition, Infant Herculeans are often of migrant stock. I'm mostly Scots/Irish going back a few generations, but my knowledge is pretty much limited to an oral history from family members. I'm thinking of...
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    Young uns Graeme Miles R4

    Listening to My Muse: The Young 'uns on Graeme Miles on BBC Radio 4. Excellent stuff. Obviously, it's heavily Teesside/Cleveland influenced. I never thought I'd hear a song about Port Clarence!
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    Heading, dementia and Boro

    An informative article from today's Guardian on football-related industrial injury such as dementia, Alzheimers, MND. Unfortunately, it's rather Boro centric, with Big Jack, Bill Gates, Nobby Stiles and Willie Maddren all featuring
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    Jack Charlton in his own words

    Just came across this on Soundcloud