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    Vets on Teesside taking on new pets?

    Neighbours cat limping quite badly - not an emergency but they are needing it looked at as it's gone on for a while. They qualify for PDSA but too complicated to download the 'evidence' - so they just want a vet to look at it , and they'll pay the fee Anyone know of any vets who might register...
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    Leeds in bottom 3

    Please stay there!!
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    I had email from bank on Tuesday about interest rate rise

    Then yesterday they said sorry the email was wrong the meeting is Thursday. Surprise surprise Thursday the rates go up...... There is something dodgy about this.... Are banks told before the public what is going to be done at a meeting supposedly 'to decide' what will be done?
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    Drug addict beat up 87 year old gentleman

    Man, 87, was beaten by drug addict who broke into sheltered housing Hope she rots - utter scum
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    Howson 'not too sure' of Boro future

    Says he's not sure what will happen. Wilder says talks with Howson, Peltier and Bamba will be after the season - no real mention of Taylor.
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    Booing taking the knee is racist

    Not opposing a terrorist organisation. Not keeping politics out of sport. Forget the racist groups on Facebook etc saying it's the above It's just racist - opposing people asking for racism to stop is racist
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    USA now wants to 'weaken' Russia to stop it invading other countries
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    Lampard - Everton 'played well' blah blah blah

    No they didn't. They were dreadful - and despite being well under par Liverpool won comfortably , as did Norwich Brentford and most other teams when Everton collapsed there too. The only thing he said I agreed with is Leeds aren't out of it - as they have a hard run in too - but I unfortunately...
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    How many arms should the west send to Ukraine?

    If they're going to send any weapons then surely they should send a lot more? Ukraine are winning with far less troops and weaponry - so if we're sending some weapons should we keep sending enough to 'finish the job' , and save lives?
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    What time will Everton be kicking off?

    About every 10 minutes.....
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    Anyone here flush the loo while still in midflow then try and get it done before the flush stops?

    Or is just me and Peter Kay? 🥺😥😢
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    Billingham Town juniors clubhouse burned down in suspected arson attack Feel so sorry for the kids , and contempt for the scum who did this - only 10 months after it happened previously
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    Should we now pronounce Chicken Kiev Chicken 'Keev'?

    Never heard it pronounced like that before the dictator sent it's poorly performing army in there
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    What happened at Oldham?

    Am working but seems crowd trouble got the game abandoned in injury time. I'm assuming Oldham losing 2-1 - and going out the League - had something to do with it, and trust the result will stand??
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    Got the £150 from Stockton Council today

    Can't find the other thread but people in Stockton Borough who were asking when it was due might have theirs today
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    Rangers - has away goals rule been scrapped in Europe?

    Playing extra time despite Braga scoring an away goal