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    Best Debut Album?

    Yes...this! Saw them recently and, despite having seen them loads in the past the post Covid version really seemed to have a renewed vigour. Tore the place apart 👍
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    Football focus

    Was this the thing from Sheffield earlier? I didn't catch it as I was in town myself but as a result I did walk past a very dapper Dion Dublin. Wish I'd stayed around as Sir Gareth made an appearance shortly after.
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    Did anyone have any faith in the police anyway? It's not quite as bad as the states but it's not far enough.
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    Sun`lun v Wycombe Wanderers League 1 play-off Final Thread.

    For a supposed big club they ain't half going wild about (eventually) scraping through to the heights of the second tier of English football. Amateur.
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    Sun`lun v Wycombe Wanderers League 1 play-off Final Thread.

    It's much better when that rivalry is separated by leagues tho imo. It's indisputable then.
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    Sun`lun v Wycombe Wanderers League 1 play-off Final Thread.

    Sickening this like. Fewer worse sights in world football than mackems enjoying themselves. That said they've only just managed to beat absolute dross today so hopefully tears again this time next season 🤞
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    Great lyrics of our time

    Did it all get real, I guess it's real enough They got refrigerators full of blood Another century spent pointing guns At anything that moves Sometimes I worry that I've lost the plot My twitching muscles tease my flippant thoughts I never really dreamed of heaven much Until we put him in the...
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    Proportional Representation

    Agree, let's not beat about the bush, PR if pushed through by a centre-left coalition is effectively fixing the game (the very thing the Conservatives are trying to do at present with voter ID, constituency boundaries etc). That said if it means they can't get back in I'm all for it (y)
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    Best Debut Album?

    Cheers! They actually played it last time we went and were absolutely fantastic. A lot to be said for three guys with massive amplifiers just ploughing through a set at breakneck speed. I'd love to see them in a smaller venue but I guess those dates are pretty rare these days.
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    Proportional Representation

    I was at "A Conversation with Jeremy Corbyn" on Monday night and this very question came up. He made an interesting point - that while he's broadly in favour, it's vital that we try to keep the relationship between MPs and the constituencies they serve. Obviously he's big on community action...
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    Harlee Dean

    I'd take him as backup as he's presumably cheap (and available). No way he takes a place over the current back three (but that's not to say we might sign someone who will - think we probably need two more CBs)
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    Best Debut Album?

    NOS Primavera in Porto - basically a slimmed down version of the Barca lineup but in a much nicer setting (municipal park by the sea). We've done it a couple of times before and it's a cracking festival. Pavement plus Bad Seeds, Beck, Interpol, Dinosaur Jr, Shellac. Tickets are actually...
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    Best Debut Album?

    Great shout. Finally getting to see them in 5 weeks. Cannot wait!
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    Ukraine are playing friendlies

    Yeah some of their domestic teams have been "touring" as well. Think Dinamo played Legia Warsaw a few weeks back in what was an incredibly emotional occasion.
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    Europa Cup Final - Seville

    Such a tough way to lose a final but an incredible journey for Rangers, beating multiple better sides along the way. Still can't believe they knocked out Dortmund and Leipzig! Frankfurt were the better team tonight. Borre is a proper player and Kostic a very good lwb. From a Rangers...
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    Gueye refused to wear Rainbow shirt

    What a bizarre way of looking at it. Essentially prioritising his beliefs over anyone elses. The sentence about equality really doesn't need to be there does it Kei, when you instantly renege on it seconds later.
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    NYC Trip - Advice Needed

    That's awesome! Tickets for Yankees Red Sox purchased tonight as well 😎 Off to learn the rules of the game 😁
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    NYC Trip - Advice Needed

    Must admit I fell in love with the place the first time. Can't think of anywhere on earth I'd rather live. The diversity of neighbourhoods, people, food, cultures etc - just incredible. I'm looking forward to seeing some more of the state as well. Next time I'll be over there will likely be...
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    Billy Sharp attacked

    McBurnie has form for this though? Sure there was video of him knocking someone out in the street a while back? Not condoning it all but if I had to pick one Sheff U player who would be involved it's him.
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    Football Banning Orders..........

    Probably depends on the individual conditions but I'm pretty sure if have a banning order and subsequently found in breach the outcome can be more stringent, fine etc.... A case of the order not being a massive deterrent in itself but the consequence of breach is.