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  1. Boro_Legend

    Ryan Hedges

    Are we really in for him. I heard nothing.
  2. Boro_Legend

    Jake Bidwell

    Daft price tag if its true.
  3. Boro_Legend

    Matty Longstaff

    No thanks to him.
  4. Boro_Legend

    Toyosi Olusanya

    Gamble we are taking.
  5. Boro_Legend

    Derby Away !!!!

    Derby away are the tickets on general sale yet? Are trains running on the day is it true that its 15 mins away from the station to the ground.
  6. Boro_Legend


    Love to see him back maybe, you can bring him back, by message him on oneboro.
  7. Boro_Legend

    Djed Spence

    Two decent games.
  8. Boro_Legend


    Did a fine job today.
  9. Boro_Legend

    Alvaro Negredo

    Says that the mystery striker called Warnock ‘Mr’ which is common in Spain and is their version of gaffer. Indicates the mystery man may be Spanish. What’s Alvaro up to these days?
  10. Boro_Legend


    Took his goal well.
  11. Boro_Legend

    The "Official" Unofficial thread v Bristol City +++

    About flipping time Uch
  12. Boro_Legend

    Ciaron Brown

  13. Boro_Legend

    Derby County !!!

    Two goals in stoppage-time :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  14. Boro_Legend

    Derby County !!!

    Lost again today. Its getting better each time (y)(y) Rooney is out of his depth. The fans on the forum and twitter want him out and Uncel Mel :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  15. Boro_Legend

    Leeds scum singing the Munich song

    Scum bags Leeds fans. I hope there go down this season. Got a bashing today.
  16. Boro_Legend

    Boro Fan TV !!!!

    Got told there need fund for there Van, MOT Diesel and paying them to do it the camera crew . I have asked them to set up PayPal for the fans to fund it.
  17. Boro_Legend

    Toyosi Olusanya

    I give up.
  18. Boro_Legend

    Boro Fan TV !!!!

    Funding issues
  19. Boro_Legend

    Boro Fan TV !!!!

    Don't get you.
  20. Boro_Legend

    Boro Fan TV !!!!

    Should Boro Fan TV come back after games, the fan's interviews? Would the fans be happy to fund it ? I been trying to get them doing it again. I have really missed it.