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    Archie Battersbee

    Please take note of what Low Moor said re kiwi farms. My eldest, who’s quite the trans activist (wouldn’t get a Christmas card off JK Rowling anyway) was trolled quite badly by them, they hacked hers and my other daughters fb, twitter etc with death threats. Now it doesn’t bother us, far to...
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    This day 2000 - Robbie Mustoe

    Lovely bloke, his brother was the spit and when I was posted to Brize Norton used to get my car serviced at his garage in Witney
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    Fracking…supported by Sunak and Truss

    Maybe it is fracking markets?
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    Military hospital in Peterborough for me, nurses gave me a razor and told me to go in the bogs and shave before the op. Got onto the table, Army Major surgeon took one look and said 'they've done it again.......' then looked at me and said - no need to shave. Spent the whole op talking about...
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    How you all doing

    With NZRed, although not bored, plant world about to get busy :) Nice sunny winters day, about 14 deg c outside. Edit (I;m not 'with' NZRed in the close to him sense, I'm down in Nelson, but 'with' him at work, but not his work)
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    Man About The House (and other 70s sitcoms)

    Yes, the one where they all get bladdered on the home made wine was very racy for the good life
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    "I'm sittin' in the railway station"

    ELO? Love a bit of Jeff Lynne, although when I was younger I always thought he wrote War of the Worlds
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    "I'm sittin' in the railway station"

    Spent a week down there in June, seems all roads led to Redruth
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    "I'm sittin' in the railway station"

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    * The "Welcome Back" to the new season. Boro v WBA. Match-day Thread *

    Thanks roofie, good to see this back. One of my memories from ayresome is a 1-0 win to Brom, Cyril Regis goal when he he took it from the half way line and scored. Amazing goal, you could do nothing against him. Loved Big Cyril.
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    Where’s Roofies match day thread?

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    Who ya gonna call?

    We used to get that Yvette Feilding thing on telly here a few years ago. Now there was a programme that was a good laugh
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    Anybody think this is going to be our season?

    I do, but then supporting boro I've always thought we would get promoted/not go down, and I've been following them for 50 years so what do I know?
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    Forss Confirmed

    New Bernie then :-)
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    2 x Bernards RIP - tribute march of the 20 mellifluous voices

    Always found Sean Connery strangely relaxing to listen to, although I don't think he ever really got the hang of accents. Ladies, I'll go Sylvia Sims - Ice Cold In Alex my dream
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    Sunak Truss Debate

    Yes it’s going to be a very close election next year. I’ve heard people say that Jacinda is the devil, she is just evil, and don’t know who to vote for. Be interesting to see how the coalition rights party lets cause mayhem go.
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    Sunak Truss Debate

    Mmmmmmm, I’m watching out for Luxon here, I just can’t warm to him for some reason. There is something about the night about him. Don’t mind Chris Bishop or Nicola WIllis
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    Good article on the Russian Economy imploding

    No real arguments to that, although perhaps should have phrased the 2 labour leaders of the time slightly differently.
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    Good article on the Russian Economy imploding

    Heard this the other day and it seems quite apt: ‘If you lay all the economists down in a line around the world you still wouldn’t reach a consensus’
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    Mick Lynch

    Yes, I was there and my wife. Or should that be Brian?