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    Where’s Roofies match day thread?

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    RIP FRANK WILLIAMS Very sad to see, think he was the last one now, other than Ian Lavender. Much under rated.
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    Baz McCullum - You'll not wonder what if.....................................

    Great to see that Brendan McCullum has the England red ball coaching role. He'll bring a lot of integrity, class, fun and frustration to the games. He's definitely a gambler, will always declare early if he thinks he has a chance. Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen.
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    Hope for Parky?

    Just read this in the news over here. Maybe a wee chink of light for Parky?
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    Going well, just got another wicket. SA are 85 for 6 just after lunch. Mind, we have to bat yet, but looks a good wicket down at Christchurch.
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    Chris Wood, This has caused some excitement here....... Would be a good move for him I think, big money too, although they may be both going in the same direction
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    Rosco Retires

    One of NZs best cricketers announces their retirement. True gentleman of the game, now has q summer to go out in style.
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    Desmond Tutu

    RIP to a true leader and real activist Along with Nelson Mandela, he helped to change a country.
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    Trade deal done then Apart from the fine detail.
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    MICHAEL HOLDING DECIDES TO CALL IT A DAY,video-ace-commentator-michael-holding-decides-to-hang-up-his-mic?fbclid=IwAR2rpOCDcqkWzRpqBVBmVDNQuOtZr2kLoPmZABNkxxhqNnbz1B9QkVLpCVE Sad day. Always loved listening to his commentary. Had a lot to say, and rightly so too, about racism in cricket.
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    Opening Titles

    Busy binging on the Sopranos during our lockdown, forgot how good the opening titles are. Which programme for you has the best opening titles?
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    Take care, Abel, Bungy and all in NZ. Let's hope we are out of this one soon.
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    Team GB track and Field

    Just watching the 400m, 800m finals, and disappointing to see no GB runners in the men's finals, plus the hammer throw, shotput etc. Thinking back, we had the best 4x400m relay team, Christie and Regis in the 100 and 200, Cram, Ovett, Coe, Mckean, Backley, Colin Jackson, Paula Radcliffe, Denise...
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    Lisa Carrington

    Just wow, she is some kayaker. 2 golds in the space of about an hour and a half.
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    Holding our own, but some really close calls Penalties? Or have I just jinxed it
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    Golden Hour

    Not to shabby, 2 golds and a silver!!!!!! Well done to the rowers.
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    Might not mean much to but massive to us. Chris Wood just scored our second
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    83 years ago today since 4468 Mallard broke the world steam speed record of 126mph (+ 2 days)

    For you train buffs, loved going around the train museum at York, some lovely engines.
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    Interesting Story from Washington Times

    re the race to Save Donald Trump during his covid escapade.
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    Harry Pearson 98 World Cup

    Lovely story