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  1. Zoophonic

    Who will play v Barnsley

    I hated it when Warnock threw the League Cup away last year with a weakened team and I'd feel the same if we did the same this week. We are a cup team and should stick to our beliefs.
  2. Zoophonic

    Speculate to accumulate

    Why? Because when it goes wrong the likes of supporters like you moan like ****.
  3. Zoophonic

    Judith Durham

    So big is a Judith Durham as a personality in Australia and such was her importance culturally in the 1960s she is getting a state funeral in Victoria.
  4. Zoophonic

    Akpom or Watmore

    On Saturdays showing you have to persevere with Akpom. Only use Watmore as an impact sub as most recognise that’s his best role.
  5. Zoophonic

    Fantasy premier league

    Found it
  6. Zoophonic

    Fantasy premier league

    There used to be one. Anyone?
  7. Zoophonic

    QPR - Shithousery Mastery

    Their little midfielder who was subbed near the end possibly achieved a world record for the time he took to get off the pitch whilst seemingly running off. I swear he was running on the spot at one point the b****d. Their crowd loved it naturally as I no doubt we would have done in the same...
  8. Zoophonic

    The first goal

    The first goal had Emerson Di Matteo vibes about it.
  9. Zoophonic

    Judith Durham

    Rocking rolling riding - a family singsong tune. Their music was a great part of my youth.
  10. Zoophonic

    Chris Wilder explains the Marcus Forss substitute....[Gazette]

    No we don’t need 5. We need to play the right players from the kick off.
  11. Zoophonic

    Judith Durham

    😔 I’ll never find another you was the very first tune I learnt on piano.
  12. Zoophonic


    This. Ridiculous to play Bola and Dijksteel at Cb when you had McNair and Fry both available.
  13. Zoophonic

    Boxing controversy

    Another one just now. Indian boxer given a unanimous decision despite being roundly beaten in the last round - when they were absolutely level after round 2. Feel sorry for the Zambian who was done.
  14. Zoophonic

    Can you name the players from the first year of the Premiership?

    Is the blades player Tom Cowan?
  15. Zoophonic

    Can you name the players from the first year of the Premiership?

    Ian Brightwell City player
  16. Zoophonic

    Spare ticket for today

    Fatcat. Which pub do you go to for this game? It’s a desert of away friendly pubs I find.
  17. Zoophonic

    Away top

    Sounds like you know a lot about the global supply chain business. Offer yourself up to a few Clubs. They won’t regret it it seems.
  18. Zoophonic

    Still being ripped off…

    Holland is cycling friendly yes and they built the infrastructure to make it a pleasant experience too. Manchester and London are making every effort to improve the cycle highways in their Cities with some success. And Netherlands isn’t “utterly flat”. You need to cycle around the South Limburg...
  19. Zoophonic

    Rishi caught on camera saying he'll remove funding from deprived areas

    He hasn’t got an earthly chance of being chosen by the “selectorate”.
  20. Zoophonic

    Palace vs Arsenal - Premier League Opener

    Got Saliba into my FPL team on a recommendation from an Arsenal mate. He’s going to rocket in value from tonight.