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  1. joeydiaz

    Incredibly Sad Songs.

    Genuinely shocked me on first listen. It's controversial but the story telling is great and the ending is very sad.
  2. joeydiaz

    What was all the explosions and lights about 5 mins ago?

    Started at 10:50pm. Bit ridiculous that
  3. joeydiaz

    Fulhams new stand prices 😳

    Throwing their Victoria sponges and Hummus at the directors box?
  4. joeydiaz

    Major conspiracy theorist ….lied.

    Ah, a fan!
  5. joeydiaz

    Major conspiracy theorist ….lied.

    Yeah absolutely, the point even Joe was fact checking him emphasises how extreme his views are.
  6. joeydiaz

    Major conspiracy theorist ….lied.

    Absolute lunatic. Listened to him on the Joe Rogan Experience and Joe had to keep stopping and fact checking him.
  7. joeydiaz

    Well done England - Now lets ditch that god awful 3 Lions tune

    Was a great tune in 1996 but it follows us round like a bad smell now.
  8. joeydiaz

    England Women Euros Final Match Thread

    Awesome performance by the Lionesses. Really impressed by the strength in depth of the team and the ability of the manager to introduce subs to change a game.
  9. joeydiaz

    Career change? Career advice?

  10. joeydiaz

    Who has been our highest paid player ever?

    Sure Rav was on 30k and Boksic 63k
  11. joeydiaz

    Who has been our highest paid player ever?

    Negredo was on 100k a week
  12. joeydiaz

    Forss medical ongoing now

    No further incomings before the weekend once this is over the line.
  13. joeydiaz


    I'm hoping the discriminatory behaviour covers the vile chants that no doubt the Mackem scum will sing at the Riverside. Be great to see the whole end ejected.
  14. joeydiaz

    The best concert/gig you've been to

    Top 3 Eminem - Tampa 2005 Watch The Throne (Jay Z/Kanye) - Manchester 2012 Wu Tang Clan - Manchester 2012
  15. joeydiaz

    Best non vulgar insult

    If you had a brain you'd be dangerous.
  16. joeydiaz

    Amazon Prime going up to £95 per year!

    Compare the price to Disney Plus and Netflix, it's a kick in the teeth but you get a lot more bang for your buck.
  17. joeydiaz

    Jesse Lingard

    It's a job at the end of the day. Earn as much as you can and set yourself up for later life. Not sure what my earnings have to do with anything, I'm well aware of that, he's a professional footballer playing in the premier league...
  18. joeydiaz

    Jesse Lingard

    It’s a short career and can’t blame the lad for banking as much money as possible, more fool Forest.
  19. joeydiaz

    Is anyone else loving the heat?

    We are in the garden rain or shine and have been in the paddling pool for weeks but often it cools off not long after I’ve got home from work. Going in the pool at 38 degrees is more of a necessity really but it’s been very enjoyable for me to finish work and spend the whole evening up to...
  20. joeydiaz

    Is anyone else loving the heat?

    It had pro’s and con’s. Great to spend time with my son in the garden, he absolutely loves the paddling pool. Downside is the sleep situation, we’ve had to go for a drive with the air con on past 2 nights to get him to sleep. One things for sure, I much prefer summer to winter.