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  1. newyddion

    Who will play v Barnsley

    ——————-Roberts———————- ————Smith—Fry—Bilongo———— ——Hackney—Conteh—-Boyd-Munce Gibson————————————Willis —————Hoppe—Forss—————-
  2. newyddion

    Hannibal & Choudhury

    Could be just what we need
  3. newyddion

    Neil Warnock I had complete confidence in him

    Maybe.. Didn’t get Keiffer Moore tho Like Siliki and Sporar? Yet we still brought in Siliki and Sporar. Not with boro No he wouldn’t Not so sure about that Nah
  4. newyddion

    Hoppe deal agreed..

    Like McNair or Fry? Maybe a big powerful striker who won’t get bullied.. like Uche
  5. newyddion

    Stream with VPN - still possible?

    Proper crap from the club tbf Then they moan about folks watching on dodgy streams!
  6. newyddion

    Stream with VPN - still possible?

    Finally managed to sort the boro one out.. after 45minuites
  7. newyddion

    Stream with VPN - still possible?

    I’m the same it’s having none of it!
  8. newyddion

    Hoppe deal agreed..

    New Balance next season after the supply issues?
  9. newyddion

    Positive Boro!

    We’ll be reet. Great set up, solid base.. top choice for new lads who fancy a crack at the prem next season!
  10. newyddion

    Stonemasons at the Riverside

    It should be George Camsell, I could see the Clough statue being moved the where it will be seen by thousands of football fans and appreciated a lot more. Someone said it was a popular figure.. no more popular than Juninho. If there was one man worth of a statue while he was still alive then...
  11. newyddion

    Stonemasons at the Riverside

    Hopefully it’s for the fax machine.. RIP
  12. newyddion


    He’ll be in no rush to make a decision. Wait it out and get the best move/deal that he can.
  13. newyddion

    New York Boro Fans

    Hahah! Just came inside from literally melting!! It’s like my skin is crying!’
  14. newyddion

    Rodrigo muniz

    Proven smoven!!
  15. newyddion

    Rodrigo muniz

    ‘The Strategy’ Stojanovic/Lumley/Daniels- Steffen Brynn/Hemming/James - Roberts Bamba/Hall - Lenihan Peltier/Fisher - Smith Wood/Coulson - Greaves Tavernier/Malley - Hannibal Siliki/Payero - Choudhury Olusanya/Taylor - Giles Sporar/Connolly - Muniz Akpom/Coburn - Forss Watmore/Balogun -...
  16. newyddion

    Rodrigo muniz

    I would say Fry..
  17. newyddion

    New York Boro Fans

    Just landed.. looks like all jour transfer business has been completed then? 4 Greaves 5 Choudhury 7 Larsen 9 Muniz 10 Hannibal 11 Hoppe
  18. newyddion

    How many new signings before the QPR game ?

    September 1st 22:59pm CD Jack Simpson - loan MF Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu - free MF Jean-Paul Boëtius - free ST Rodrigo Muniz - loan ST Josh Maja - £2m ST Jordan Rhodes - free
  19. newyddion

    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    Similar to our move for Thomas Henry.. two Italian clubs are in for him. I’d take the bid figure with a pinch of salt also. Could easily be transfer deal and could easily be in euros.. I’m not saying that is the case here, but most times the reported ‘fees’ are massively inflated.