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  1. dooderooni

    * The unofficial "Official" Boro v QPR Match Day Thread *

    It is what it is and until they close the window before the opening days fixtures it'll continue to be the case. There's nothing we can do to change it in truth except hope that we can find a way to win games for now.
  2. dooderooni

    * The unofficial "Official" Boro v QPR Match Day Thread *

    Or maybe it's a message to the powers that be that we need more depth?
  3. dooderooni

    🇿🇦 v 🇳🇿 on sky now - rugby championship

    Have the 2 countries declared war or is it a sporting event 9f some description? Any clues?
  4. dooderooni

    * The unofficial "Official" Boro v QPR Match Day Thread *

    Look on the bright side, nobody is going to be putting bids in for our players before the end of the window 😁
  5. dooderooni

    * The unofficial "Official" Boro v QPR Match Day Thread *

    Losing Tav wasn't our choice, replacing him is though so let's see what the next few weeks brings. At least today isn't papering over any cracks, it's obvious we need to improve dramatically and we have time to do it before the window closes.
  6. dooderooni

    Rishi caught on camera saying he'll remove funding from deprived areas

    Taking my socialist head off, there will be a lot of areas in need of funding that are surrounded by affluent Tory areas. Think of some of the normal working folk in places like Cornwall being priced out by wealthy people moving out of cities. Under the per capita guidelines it is very possible...
  7. dooderooni

    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    We've bought proven goalscorers in this league and been burnt before. Scott has form for finding good players so I think he needs time to prove his worth doing it for us. As long as we are buying players for the system rather than just on reputation then there is more chance of success I'd say.
  8. dooderooni

    Major conspiracy theorist ….lied.

    $4m in compensation to the victims so far and more to come. The text messages 'accidentally' leaked by his lawyers also revealed the scale of his earnings via Infowars (upto $800,000 per day in 2018 alone) which he also tried to hide during discovery. That may see the next phase of the verdict...
  9. dooderooni

    Major conspiracy theorist ….lied.

    If you'd like to learn a bit more about Jones, you can go wrong with John Oliver's 5 year old piece on him. He is a grifter, pure and simple, hiding behind the 1st amendment so that he can take in an inordinate amount of money from gullible people. In my opinion, bankrupting him isn't anywhere...
  10. dooderooni

    How many new signings before the QPR game ?

    I went for zero. Not sure we'll do any business before the last few days of the window now.
  11. dooderooni

    Tory new plan for regional pay deals

    Let's be honest, she'd say anything just for attention without worrying about the detail. John Oliver at the weekend played the 'Pork markets' clip and likened her to a schoolkid who'd done her line in the school play and was now looking to her parents for approval. She's Johnson's heir apparent...
  12. dooderooni

    Jorgen Strand Larsen

  13. dooderooni

    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    Can someone sum up the Larsen saga please as this thread has gone off the rails a bit?
  14. dooderooni

    Random foreign striker generator

    Fluff DeChanse, Chelsea. We need someone to play alongside Missdat.
  15. dooderooni

    Random foreign striker generator

    Howie Missdat, FC Twente. Ideal non-scoring striker for the Boro.
  16. dooderooni

    Congrats to the Lionesses ...

    Isn't the attendance a record for all finals tournaments and not just England games? The last 2 mens finals in France and Ukraine didn't beat it.
  17. dooderooni

    England Women Euros Final Match Thread

    No senior England side has won a major trophy since 1966, that's the whole point of the comparison. It's not comparing the men's and women's game directly. We can, as a nation, at last celebrate success on the football field and that's important, not only for the women's game, but the men's game...
  18. dooderooni

    Reflecting on the 1st game & more

    With Giles and Jones in the side we need to either get better at covering the gaps they leave in the corners or get a more mobile CM to see those spaces and cover them quicker. WBA saw and exploited those gaps much better in the second half and it'll be something we'll see a lot of this season...
  19. dooderooni

    The Boys Season 3 - No spoilers

    Finished it last night and it didn't disappoint. I've not read the book so don't know if they are following them, but the comparison with the current situation in which the US is very funny. From the conspiracy theories, the neo-nazis, the media spin etc it is almost a commentary. Even the dance...