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  1. Billy69_uk

    Darragh Lenihan will miss Wednesday's Carabao Cup match against Barnsley as he serves a one-match suspension.

    I thought it was a 3 match ban for a straight red? or is that only for violent conduct rather than a professional foul?
  2. Billy69_uk

    Cleveland Police - bikes/off-road vehicles

    Snipers. Just saying.
  3. Billy69_uk

    Dijksteel's 'goose' looks cooked to me...(bench warmer back up)

    when he is good, he is very very good, when he isnt, he goes missing and is often on the wrond side of a man that scores or plays a key assit in a goal. I do like his effort though, although I fear if we are going to improve, its not enough.
  4. Billy69_uk

    Who will play v Barnsley

    The whole friggin first team needs a run out
  5. Billy69_uk

    Our fans do my head in!

    I am more than happy with the new approach, after spending astonishing amounts of money on absolute wasters of strikers, the list is almost endless.
  6. Billy69_uk

    Rishi caught on camera saying he'll remove funding from deprived areas

    He is more than happy and comfortable saying stuff like this, as they all are, because they are safe in the knowledge that there are zero repercussions from the masses, and it actually improves their standing with their lunatic fan base.
  7. Billy69_uk

    QPR view & Predictions

    we will beat QPR, but we will make it harder than it needs to be.
  8. Billy69_uk

    It’s Been A While

    Holy crap, I had completely forgotten about Sir Percy.
  9. Billy69_uk

    Vote of 'No Confidence' in Mayor Preston - damning audit report

    its always the ones you least expect
  10. Billy69_uk

    Hayden Coulson

    a decent move for the lad, I always hoped he would make it.
  11. Billy69_uk

    Away Shirt - Pre order Sold out

    The whole "fashion" industry reaping the benefits of east Asian sweat shops exploiting workers and child workers
  12. Billy69_uk

    Best non vulgar insult

    That's amazing. "b***ks" was the other word I had to explain to him. I told him it was the UK equivalent to an American saying something was "BS"
  13. Billy69_uk

    Best non vulgar insult

    I once had a request from a US based team mate to explain what a "Doyle" was, as I had used it more than once (not towards him) and he didnt understand what is meant. He now uses it as a secret insult towards other Americans
  14. Billy69_uk

    Best non vulgar insult

    my favourites at the moment are; You're impossible to underestimate. I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you I’m sorry I hurt your feelings when I called you stupid. I really thought you already knew.
  15. Billy69_uk

    Happy finally buying a striker day

    When was the lats time we signed a decent player who was a complete surprise? Was it when Zenden was brought out in front of the crowd?
  16. Billy69_uk

    Electric Car Advice

    I came soooo close to ordering a new EV company car, but bottled out at the last minute and have opted out of the co car scheme and placed an order for a new Golf GTi. I am not sure why I didnt get one, I work in the industry and see daily the advances in batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen etc...
  17. Billy69_uk

    Line up for the weekend

    I am sure I must have missed all the conversation, but whats the crack with McNair? Injured or on his way?
  18. Billy69_uk

    This is how the terminator started!

    the kid cheated by making a move too early. He needs to learn that cheats dont propser.
  19. Billy69_uk


    weapons grade bell end
  20. Billy69_uk

    Priority Points

    Club screws up behind the scenes admin system. Shock horror.