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  1. uncle_rico

    Barnsley press conference
  2. uncle_rico

    If you thought Wilder was spikey on the Boro site….

    I just think he's annoyed that they've all worked so hard in pre-season and then the players didn't bother turning up in the first half. I hope he went through them at half time. I don't see issues between him and recruitment, he's said all along he understands it and its the same for most...
  3. uncle_rico


    I didn’t realise he is 6’ 3”.
  4. uncle_rico

    Coventry vs Rotherham - postponed

    They’ve moved their EFL cup game against Bristol City on Wednesday to the Pirelli stadium. At least they’re going to fulfil this fixture.
  5. uncle_rico

    Uche Ikpeazu offer

    Would be a great move for him. They're a decent side who finished 3rd in the Super Lig last season. Assume he'd get to play some European football.
  6. uncle_rico

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    Hopefully Fry, Lenihan and McNair.
  7. uncle_rico

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    Confirmed it just a one game ban and he misses the cup game vs Barnsley 👍🏻
  8. uncle_rico

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    I think Leicester could be looking for new centre back in the near future too. Not sure if Fry is good enough to make that step up yet, but I wouldn't be surprised.
  9. uncle_rico

    The three in midfield

    Am sure it will be Choudhury and Hannibal who come in.
  10. uncle_rico

    Akpom or Watmore

    I think Hoppe is a replacement for Watmore, so can see him leaving.
  11. uncle_rico

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    Hopefully we'll find out today then
  12. uncle_rico

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    I hope not, as there's not one centre back between them.
  13. uncle_rico

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    He was very late but I don't think there was any malice in his challenge so hopefully a 1 match ban. It is the Boro though, so probably be 4.
  14. uncle_rico

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    I was going to ask if anyone knew how long his ban was. Hopefully its just one, but wouldn't it be just league game(s) rather than EFL Cup?
  15. uncle_rico

    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    I’ve got a feeling he‘s going to leave. Not sure if there’s anything agreed or in place but it’s strange that he’s not played in the first two games. Guess we’ll see if he plays on Wednesday, but I can see us cashing in on him if we get a decent offer.
  16. uncle_rico

    Cleveland Police - bikes/off-road vehicles

    I passed them near Kirkleatham this afternoon about half 3. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Right near the police HQ too. They were on both sides of the road, and all the cars on both sides had to perform emergency stops as these bellends were riding all over the place. There was at least fifty bikes...
  17. uncle_rico

    Who will play v Barnsley

    …………..….Roberts ……….Dijksteel…Fry…McNair Smith……………………………….Bola …Hackney…Boyd-Munce…McGree ………..….Forss…Akpom
  18. uncle_rico

    Dael Fry should be the first name on the team sheet.

    We’ve got one in Lenihan 🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. uncle_rico

    Fulhams new stand prices 😳

    Watching MOTD and there’s no one in it! Guess it’s not been opened yet?
  20. uncle_rico

    Fry and McNair have to be in our starting eleven

    Totally agree. We’ve been crying out for pace and creativity in midfield for years, and it’s even more of an issue now Tav has gone.