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  1. asredastheycome

    Phoebe Bridgers..............................hysteria

    Has anybody caught the Phoebe Bridgers tour yet. Went to Manchester of Sunday and it was verging on hysteria at times. Granted I did not have the best seat(beggars can't be choosers it was difficult to get any tickets) but at times it seems like I had the whole of the Apollo singing in front of...
  2. asredastheycome

    People coming from London for WBA game

    I am going to London on Friday supposedly coming back on Saturday which is the day LNER are on strike. Anyone from down there know if they will be running a reduced service as they did during the RMT strike. This time it is the train drivers union ASLEF who are on strike. There is no alternative...
  3. asredastheycome

    Twisterella 8 Oct clashes with Millwall away.

    What happened here Blaggamuffin it's usually when the there is no game but this year's clashes with Millwall away which I always go to. Disaster of the highest order.
  4. asredastheycome

    Do we know who was on the plane to Portugal

    Has the squad who went to Portugal been listed anywhere. I heard Payero has not gone but what about the young lads has any of those gone. Coulson maybe as Bola is injured or is Bola fit enough to go. I have not seen anything posted but apologies if it already has been.
  5. asredastheycome

    York's v Bears stream

    On YouTube. Am in a bar in Portugal and it's stuck on 44-1. My son said same where he is watching. Anyone managed to sort it.
  6. asredastheycome

    Another dark day in America

    How are these clowns making every stupid decision after the previous stupid decision.
  7. asredastheycome

    Adam Ant at Globe tonight.

    Don't bother he has cancelled again. Covid apparently. Thats three times now. Hope its not because half the seats are unsold.
  8. asredastheycome

    Is there a better song that sums up your youth than this.

    Billy Bragg - The Saturday Boy...............................we have all been there. Some of the greatest lyrics ever written this side of Elvis Costello. A great live version Studio Version.
  9. asredastheycome

    Yorkshire v Lancs T20 tonight on Sky

    Will be a tough game. No Brook or Finn Allen for some reason. Get tuned in.
  10. asredastheycome

    Boro friendlies in Portugal

    When will the club announce who the games are and where and when they are being played. Anyone wanting to go cannot make any arrangements at the moment. Lack of any news is really poor from the boro as usual. Mate was talking to Oxford fans in Portugal when we played there last time. They were...
  11. asredastheycome

    Good win for Yorkshire against Durham tonight in T20

    We needed a win after two defeats so it was a welcome relief. Durham were 207 -8. York's knocked it off with 14 balls to spare. Good match to watch. Really enjoyed these games being streamed on YouTube even though camera work is not great.
  12. asredastheycome

    Preston Tickets - Any Adult wanting to take their two kids.

    We have three tickets for sale for Preston. One adults (£25) and 2 u11s(£3 each). Ideal if there is a dad wanting to take his kids. Or they can go back to ground and ask them to upgrade to adults or they can just take a chance on getting in. First person to post gets first shot but once you...
  13. asredastheycome

    Hackney and Walker both start for U23s today.

    0-0 at Half Time and as neither were is squad for their loan club yesterday they are back with us. Not sure when they came back Hackney as not been in Scunthorpe squad for last three hames while Walker as not been in Tranmere squad all season.
  14. asredastheycome

    Karanka: I went to Middlesbrough and it felt like I went to the best place in the world

    Nice to get something good said about us. Hope he does well at Granada.
  15. asredastheycome

    Annual MOTs could be axed

    FFS is this the best the great minds in Government can come up with. I might try to book a foriegn holiday with my annual £27.43 saving. I would suggest this will put a lot of garages out of busines as they rely on a steady stram of MOT bookings per day/week/month...
  16. asredastheycome

    Benefits at The Westgarth tonight. Sold out but one free ticket.

    First one to post gets it. Post on here and then PM me an e-mail address and I will send ticket. If nobody asks before 1:30 I will take ticket with me and you will have to meet me or I will leave at door. Ticket is my friends and I made her a compilation by Benefite and once she heard it said...
  17. asredastheycome

    Stockton Calling ...................what a great day out.

    I would like to thank everyone involved in Stockton Calling for making it such a wonderful day. Great day great weather and some excellent music heard. For a long while, stars of the day for me were The Headshrinkers who were like a more up-tempo Yard Act. They were brilliant. However the...
  18. asredastheycome

    Stockton Calling playlist

    Was going to make a playlist but there is an ecellent one already on Spotify
  19. asredastheycome

    Stockton Calling Website

    Anyone else having problems getting on to site. Just remembered I don't have tickets yet and no can't access the site.
  20. asredastheycome

    Online shopping for CDs.............where to buy.

    Where are people getting their CDS from these days. I get a lot from Bandcamp but as a "get all" when I order a few together I was using Amazon but they are getting as bad as HMV in Boro. Anything a bit out of the ordinary and you cant get it or only in MP3 format. Thinking specifically about...