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  1. bear66

    Scotland goal disallowed

    Bit harsh.
  2. bear66

    We did have a plan for a coronavirus epidemic

    Finally we get to see the plan via a freedom of information request. Previously we were told there was only a flu epidemic plan. What was needed for a coronavirus was stockpiles of PPE, a computerised contact tracing system and screening for foreign travellers. In August the government refused...
  3. bear66

    Private hospitals did well out of covid

    Multi-million pound contract and no delivery. £400m a month to look after 8 patients a day. Link The Treasury agreed in March 2020 to pay for a deal to block-book the entire capacity of all 7,956 beds in England’s 187 private hospitals along with their almost 20,000 staff to help supplement...
  4. bear66

    What are you listening to today?

    Just found a dozen CDs I'd forgotten I had by Mason Brothers, Mark Geary, Hem, Ida, Human Drama, Shannon Worrell, Lisa Hannigan and Lisa Taylor. My favourite folk album of 2008.
  5. bear66

    Latest news on the Cherry-throated Tanager

    3 chicks fledged this week taking the worldwide total to 17 birds! A rare breed!
  6. bear66

    GB stickers on cars no longer valid

    Penalties will apply and you may not be allowed entry into some countries. You now need a UK sticker. Also GB number plates are no longer valid; you need a UK sticker on the car. Why? The UK government seems to have made the change to make things more difficult for UK citizens. Thankfully the...
  7. bear66

    Wolves turn down £30m bid for Traore . . .

    . . . from Spurs
  8. bear66


    What's the news of his injury? Last I heard he'd miss most of pre-season, but we're way beyond that now.
  9. bear66

    Top three in the medals table by population size

    1. San Marino 2. Bermuda 3. Grenada For countries with more than a million people, New Zealand lead.
  10. bear66

    One rule for Johnson, another for the rest of us

    Being on a small plane with someone or standing by their side doesn't count for the PM Link
  11. bear66

    Warning signs of Gulfstream collapse

    Worrying Link
  12. bear66

    A first for the Olympic Games

    The podium positions for the men's shot put was the same as it was in Rio. First time it's happened in an individual event.
  13. bear66

    Operation Avalanche

    Low budget, quirky film on BBC catch up. 60s feel with a clever script. Worth a watch. But is it a true story?
  14. bear66

    Boris Bunter

    On a visit to Scotland, Bunter was randomly selected by Scottish police as the codeword for Johnson. They decided against it as they thought he might be upset at being linked to a fat, posh, public schoolboy.
  15. bear66

    Scrapping Btechs

    Any one in education got views on this? Ths seems a backward step as Btechs seem a valid alternative to A levels for progressing to further education. Ex Tory minister Kenneth Baker is opposed to it in the link calling it vandalism. The T levels may be putting employers first, but surely...
  16. bear66

    Fully vaccinated only for Premier League from October

    Latest government thinking. Also for other events with over 20,000 people. Will we pass the 20,000 threshold?
  17. bear66

    Amazon rainforest emitting more CO2 than it absorbs

    Fires and drought now mean three times more CO2 being produced than is being absorbed. Link
  18. bear66

    Anyone tried a mobile phone company 4G broadband service?

    They seem to be relatively cheap and my 4G phone download speed seems to be more than adequate. I have been a Virgin broadband user for over a decade, but recently it goes off now and again; never more than for a few hours, but at the price I don't think it should be happening!
  19. bear66

    No 1 on 30 July 1966

  20. bear66

    Have you got your flags out?