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  1. uncle_rico

    Barnsley press conference
  2. uncle_rico

    Coventry vs Rotherham - postponed

    The pitch at Coventry’s stadium has been deemed unplayable. Surely there has to be some sort of punishment for this, especially the first home game of the season?
  3. uncle_rico


    Going to Chelsea for £62m (£55m + £7m add ons). Great business for Brighton, but wow, that’s silly money.
  4. uncle_rico

    Adama Traore

    Spurs are interested in him again. Imagine that would push Spence further down the pecking order.
  5. uncle_rico

    Tav to Bournemouth confirmed

    Lets hope we move quickly to get his replacement in, as we missed him saturday.
  6. uncle_rico

    Boro website

    Looks like its had an update to coincide with signing Forss.
  7. uncle_rico

    When is the pre-match press conference?

    Today or tomorrow?
  8. uncle_rico

    Yanic Wildschut
  9. uncle_rico

    Troy Parrott
  10. uncle_rico

    Kit Aid - Boro kits in Kenya

    Love it…
  11. uncle_rico

    Payero gone

    Shame it didn’t work, but good luck 👍🏻
  12. uncle_rico

    Crooks’ diary returns

  13. uncle_rico

    How did we get on against Sheff Wed?

    Sure I read we were playing them this afty?
  14. uncle_rico

    Payero medical at Boca Juniors tomorrow

    For the best that he goes, but it's a shame it hasn't worked out. Just hope we haven't wasted too much money on him.
  15. uncle_rico

    Who’s this with Wilder?

    Kieron Scott to his right, but who are the other two either side? Also, the lad in front looks like he’s just finished a 50 over match.
  16. uncle_rico

    Blackpool v Leeds

    Friendly played tonight. Leeds won 4-0. Was played at York’s stadium, where we are playing tomorrow night. Anyone know the reason why?
  17. uncle_rico

    Band of Brothers

    The last surviving member of Easy Company, Bradford Freeman, has passed away aged 97. And then there were none. RIP and Curahee.
  18. uncle_rico

    Hartlepool’s new kit

    Apart from the kid’s haircut this is quite good. Kit looks smart too.
  19. uncle_rico

    Anyone know if Spence has turned up at Rockliffe?

    Will be interesting to see if he does. It would suggest nothing is imminent with him leaving if he is there, but hopefully we'll see the end of this saga today.
  20. uncle_rico

    John Eustace

    New Birmingham manager.