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  1. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Another member of FMTTM joins the Holgate In The Sky

    Great lad Ste always had time to chat to anyone about anything Boro. RIP @Stepper_T
  2. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Silence of The Rams

    Send them down Rangers style. Worked for them in the long run.
  3. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    Behind the times on this one for me. I think Lewis gets more if your purely basing it on SPOTY wins/nominations.
  4. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Nominees for the biggest transfer rip off in football league history

    Mido - 7m where Boro are concerned. Man Utd must have at least 2, Maguire 85m and Pogba for 105m, I mean there's wasting your money and then there's that. Adrian Mutu for Chelsea also should get a mention.
  5. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Europa Cup Semi Finals

    A few times.
  6. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Northern Echo - Karl Darlow is our top GK target

    Someone in the recruitment team must like him, we've been linked with him for years. I would need convincing with this signing, I remember that game TC is referring to, can't remember the season possibly a Mowbray one where it was a bit dour, that game and Darlow's kicking abilities was one of...
  7. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Well done Aitor

    He's picked some rotten clubs since he left us so hope he actually finds a club suited to him and even more so the players he's managing.
  8. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Mowbray likely to be leaving Blackburn

    Love that man. I'm not even old enough to fully appreciate what an immense figure he was during the clubs most difficult period. I always thought Mowbray was the man to replace McLaren all those years back, even now I haven't been convinced in thinking otherwise.
  9. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Predictions for the final day?

    Luton win and Sheff Utd might get a last minute equalizer which would be agony.
  10. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    How many SPOTY's has Lewis Hamilton won?
  11. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Ronnie O'Sullivan

    He deserved to win this tournament he was the best player throughout. Trump will have learned a lot tonight.
  12. Cousin_of_Fabio

    If you booed Connolly

    That's hypothetical really.
  13. Cousin_of_Fabio

    If you booed Connolly

    When has he had a poor attitude on the pitch? The OP said it he's wearing a Boro shirt I genuinely deteste when I've heard people boo our own players it effects the rest of the team. So to me you are not a Boro fan at all, so might I suggest a date in your diary that may come in handy...
  14. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Fury v Whyte

    Good lad, heard the Fury Ringwalk will be worth the ticket price alone so hopefully you'll witness a great spectacle. I'd love to have called it a draw but with 94k there I can't see the judges doing that.
  15. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Fury v Whyte

    Who you picking? Fury seems to be overwhelmingly favourite but you can't rule out Whyte so easily. Hard to believe this could be Furys last fight as well.
  16. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Still no denial from Wilder

    Gibsons not daft we had this before with Mclaren touting himself around. With Kieran Scott now in the mix in contrast, I have faith that whatever happens Boro will be fine. As a Manager though why oh why you would go from Gibson to the Burnley owners?
  17. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Honestly, do you want to go up this season?

    I do under Wilder has a few have alluded to his debut season with Sheff Utd. The last season we had in the PL was shocking, still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth now so would like that rectifying.
  18. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Manchester United's next manager: Who should replace Ralf Rangnick at Old Trafford?

    Roy Keane or an ex player so we don't hear them whinging about it every second/minute/hour/day/week/month/year.
  19. Cousin_of_Fabio

    Boro team had we not been relegated in 97

    Whoever we would of signed I really don't Ravenelli would of been here, Emerson maybe too but both Robson & Gibson stated Ravenelli was a grade A ball ache.
  20. Cousin_of_Fabio

    The coloured squares banners

    Couldn't it be looked at as the two go hand in hand? We are Boro and we support Ukraine? I was in the South Stand for the cup game and were advised to hold out our respected colour as the teams came out and pigbag came on. That was done and the tribute to Ukraine followed so as I say 'We are...