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    Four new strikers is too many

    Anyone else think there’s too much turnover of players, and it’s going to cost us this season? I know we’re forced into it given the state of the forward line last season. Nobody would have kept any of them. All the new signings so far have been improvements. But… I don’t think you can buy...
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    Riley McGree

    First time I’ve seen him on telly, he looks like a malnourished David Wheater doesn’t he 😁
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    Man City vs Liverpool - amazing stat

    Stolen from the Guardian: Since the start of the 2018 season City have amassed 338 points, Liverpool 337. We are witnessing the 2 best sides ever seen in English football. Over the same period they have contested 3 of 4 CL finals. - What a rivalry. Have there ever been two better teams...
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    Connolly and Balogun

    Reposted from the match thread but: Balogun and Connolly are embarrassing me, strolling about in an FA Cup quarter final. Just nowhere near enough effort, and even when they do get on the ball, there’s no quality. I thought that was the point of them. Can’t help but feel the team has tailed...
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    Found our Premier League level then

    We’d finish just above Spurs and United!
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    Seriously grim transfer window for Spurs

    😬 Out: Tanguy N'Dombele Signed from Lyon, £60m, 2019 Out: Lyon (loan), £1.4m loan fee Giovanni Lo Celso Signed from Real Betis, £27m, 2020 Out: Villareal (loan), no fee Dele Alli Signed from MK Dons, £5m, 2015 Out: Everton, free rising to £10m-£40m Bryan Gil Signed from Sevilla, £23m +...
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    Fair play to Leeds

    Can’t stand them, but got to respect a team with a 15 year old on the bench, Adam Forshaw on the pitch, so many players including Bamford and Kalvin Phillips missing and still getting a 3-2 away win at a proper top 4 or thereabouts team. Makes such a mockery of what Arsenal are trying to do...
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    Without googling, name the starting lineup vs Basel

    A few of them surprised me!
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    Father and son footballers and randoms

    Inspired by Graham and Alan Carr on the other thread… Any more high profile footballing fathers and high profile completely random son duos?
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    Messi, Neymar and Suarez to…

    Martin Braithwaite and Luuk de Jong. Hilarious how two players who disgraced themselves in north east football are now leading the line for Barcelona. Milton Nunez must be expecting a call any day now.
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    Just Van Bergen having a casual chat with Leo Messi

    "Can I have your shirt?" "No." At the Reims-PSG match last night. And he turned down the chance to play with Morsy. Priorities lad! 😁
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    Kane and Lingard

    Annoys me actually, the way their clubs are treating them. Kane is a fabulous player and couldn’t give much more to Spurs than getting them to a Champions League final, topping the league in goals and assists in a poor team and signing a massive contract so they can get the biggest possible...
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    Team tonight - back five

    Sorry Block21 for stealing your thunder! From the Guardian: Apparently there are reports elsewhere that Southgate has named his lineup today today and it will entail a reversion to a back five, with Bukayo Saka dropping out so that Kieran Trippier can come in at right wingback. That suggests...
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    Player of the tournament?

    Four games in for most, and new stars emerging. Who's impressed you so far in the Euros? For me, the two wing backs have been absolutely outstanding: Dumfries (Nederlands) Spinazzola (Italy) Lukaku (Belgium) Schick (Czech) Donnarumma (Italy) Pogba (France) And for many reasons, Kjaer...
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    Wembley losing final & semis to Budapest? Report

    Hilarious this. Either Barnard Castle mk 2, if they sack off quarantine for 2,500 VIPs. Or lose the final and semis to Budapest. Double funny that Hungary's chosen because they're in Schengen travel area, lol. Moral of the story - you can't spectacularly mismanage things, miss your own...
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    Crystal Palace release an entire senior team

    22 players on their released list, jesus. Crystal Palace Aveiro, Brandon Paulo Vale Bryon, Lewis Cahill, Gary James Clyne, Nathaniel Edwin Dann, Scott Flanagan, Kian Gonzalez Quintero, Kevin Hale, Harlem Kenroy Henderson, Stephen Francis Hennessey, Wayne Robert Hobbs, Lewis James Luthra...
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    Apart from City, the best team in the 2nd half of the PL season is...?

    Surprised me! If the season started in December, who would be second? City are top.
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    Chris Wilder - Are we missing a trick?

    Are we missing a trick not going for Chris Wilder this summer? Bloody good manager despite this season, achieved wonders at the Blades. Also out of work, so fits our self-imposed rule of not poaching managers. Or has Warnock shown enough on the pitch and in the transfer market to be worth the...