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  1. Expat Smoggie


    Is this the eternal “Hoppe” thread? Lol 😆
  2. Expat Smoggie

    The rise of vaping at the riverside

    Vape safe [smoking] areas [next] on the agenda ?
  3. Expat Smoggie

    Hampshire need 48 to keep Yorks up

    Nevermind, we’ll smash the league next year lol 😆
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    10 kids, drugs., gangsters, wild, wild women and who knows what else was going on, I'd say he lived a very eventual life.
  5. Expat Smoggie

    Your Iconic Footballer as a lad?....

    has to be Johan Cruyff for me, oranje total football you couldn't beat it.
  6. Expat Smoggie

    Have you ever lived or considered living abroad?

    Admittedly it's great to travel and see how our fellow humans survive but in all honesty life is what you make of it, whether it's living in a street where cars and situations pass you by or maybe it's on the hills or sand dunes of the mighty deserts and plains. I've seen so many people who are...
  7. Expat Smoggie

    Have you ever lived or considered living abroad?

    Completely agree with your sentiment regarding people of Libya — hard to believe they’ve been discarded in such a way that probably will mean theylll be locked in poverty and insecurity for many years to come.
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    Crystal ball time: next Boro manager?

    Bring back Sir Gareth, I'd say, first signing, Harry ***** lol ;)
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    Harry Maguire

    Agree, I think his pass distribution was excellent especially to the wings. When I look back at the likes of Rio and John Terry, I honestly don't believe they were any better than McGuire. Agin, I just think our media loves to make one guy a pariah just so the have something negative to write...
  10. Expat Smoggie

    Have you ever cheated at anything?

    Doesn’t everyone cheat at something? I mean it could be speeding on the highway, sleeping during an online meeting, not putting in the correct ingredients into a dish, paying your bills on time, faking sex, scoring a goal with your hand (hey Jimmy Jimmy!!). Wow there’s so many examples, and so...
  11. Expat Smoggie

    Have you ever cheated at anything?

    Maybe it was tactics lol 😆?
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    Wilder Rumours

    On the lighter side of all the speculation I’d say it actually raises Wilder’s stock somewhat (continuously) being linked with EPL clubs. I’m sure Gibbo has a good poaching fee in case he decides to flee the nest. I see his odds have gone to 4/9 fav so I guess he’s gone, albeit waiting on the...
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    Heating Came On For 1st Time Since February

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could heat your house from a remote line from the Sahara desert! The desert is largely an unused landmass on the planet governments could all put a few Billion into a solar project which could not only supply the UK but probably most of Europe and Africa.
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    Wembley Tonight: England v Germany thread. Is it all over for Southgate?

    Not a bad overall first 45, imo just need to be a bit more focused in the German box.
  15. Expat Smoggie

    Hoppe and the US Team

    No Hoppe and Bob Hoppe, and Bob is playing… well you know what I mean eh 😆
  16. Expat Smoggie

    England Germany tonight

    I’m going for a 3-0 home loss tonight, with Wilder being odds on favourite for the England jobbie. 😝
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    Have you ever lived or considered living abroad?

    I lived in South Korea for over a year and loved the people but the food just didn’t agree with me. Also getting about is quite difficult as the infrastructure is compromised due to poor management. Trains are always packed although Incheon airport is fairly well managed.
  18. Expat Smoggie

    NFL Sunday

    Only the third week but already teams having to deal with so many injuries. Impressed with the Rams and Packers tonight and how on earth did the Bills lose that game?
  19. Expat Smoggie

    Who actually wants Wilder sacked?

    It’s crazy to chop and change your manager every season but until SG realizes that bringing in managers who perhaps have bigger ambitions than our club then perhaps we’ll be caught in this endless scenario. Personally I’d want to keep Wilder but based on what I’m seeing on the pitch where the...
  20. Expat Smoggie

    Lukas Rupp - Ex Norwich Midfielder - Incoming?

    I even think Crooks might be sold