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  1. Redwurzel

    Any Conservative voters left?

    I put Labour left wing because I was looking at their policies proposed in 2019, say compared with Blair's Labour years. There are no newer policies than 2019 to go on yet. Many of the policies in 2019 were not a problem, in fact Corbyn I thought got more votes that say Milliband. The Greens...
  2. Redwurzel

    So how we feeling about todays game

    Not a clue - how it will go, part of me says we are due a good result, but the last 2 games says we are not a top half team and no better than say Coventry who looked a top 10 side last season. The betting odds look wrong at present.
  3. Redwurzel

    Simon Clarke “Britain has lived in a fools paradise for too long, and must now reduce spending”

    I imagine he will be cutting the bloated £78/week that people receive on Jobseekers Allowance or taking disability benefits off anyone that can walk 10 metres to give money to those on £150k per year, who if you believed the rhetoric were almost the only people who kept the country going.
  4. Redwurzel

    The moon under water

    Cheshire Cheese is an old fashioned pub off Fleet Street, like pubs used to be 100 years - its Sam Smiths. You feel like Charles Dickens is there having a quiet pint in one of its darkened corners. The beer for central London is very cheap and I quite like the atmosphere. Tourists love it...
  5. Redwurzel

    Patrick Bamford: The Big Interview

    I was shocked at the time when we sold him, especially for what I called a smallish fee. It was clearly he was one the top strikers in the Championship in 2018 and our most effective striker at the time. Pulis devalued him by not playing him on a regaulr basis especially in key matches such as...
  6. Redwurzel

    The moon under water

    Wow Muttley wrote... The closest I have experienced is the Strathmore Arms at Holwick in Teesdale (only falls down on the walking distance thing and being currently closed with an uncertain future) Yu will not believe this but I was just about the write about the Strathmore Arms - We stayed in...
  7. Redwurzel

    The moon under water

    I would add a football screen but in a room of its own, pleasant quick service, good range of independent beers, ciders and lagers, good quality filter coffee, some booths down one side. Put on special nights, say music night (but not loud), quiz night etc.
  8. Redwurzel

    Electric cars to cost more to run then petrol/ diesel cars

    If people stopped eating meat or less meat - methane pollution would reduce and there would be more forest left. Is it possible to have a veggy parmo?
  9. Redwurzel

    Ring of Iron Folk Club

    I like the name of the Club - Teesside Fettlers old album name and song. 250k Teessiders were in that Ring.
  10. Redwurzel

    Boro 1 Poocastle 1 U-21 game tonight FT

    Joe Gibson equaliser in added on time. Boro 14 goal attempts to Newcastle's 4.
  11. Redwurzel

    Electric cars to cost more to run then petrol/ diesel cars

    Many experts say increased Methane in the atmosphere is causing at least as much damage as carbon (carbon is still a problem). Methane comes from animal farts particularly cattle, land fill sites escapes, flaring of surplus gas, escapes from fracking, burning gas. There has been a large increase...
  12. Redwurzel

    Pyridine found in crabs

    A lot of coverage on Channel 4 tonight. They showed how the Environment Agency had misused photos of red rust in Hartepool harbour and claimed it was algae. Another public safety Agency was getting duped on the samples taken. The samples given were taken from the surface of the Tees and not...
  13. Redwurzel

    Any Conservative voters left?

    When you looks at the Polls it has the Tories on 27%, but in Great Britain there is no other right of centre party that would get more than 0.5%. So all the right wing support flows to one party, now UKIP have gone and the orther parties have all moved to the Left. Of the opposition parties I...
  14. Redwurzel

    YouGov Poll - 33 Point lead!

    There are a lot of angry and anxious people out there, but around 33% still vote Conservative, because they are higher tax payers and/or fully own property and most people vote in line with what they believe is in their self interest at General Elections (not by Elections). This believe in self...
  15. Redwurzel

    Any Conservative voters left?

    Labour Overall victory is 2.46 (about 7/5 against) on Betfair - easy money if people on here are correct. Fill yer boots?
  16. Redwurzel

    Good Press Conference

    Btw - Was Mogga's mate at the Conference?
  17. Redwurzel

    This England tonight on sky

    BJ seems to be on holiday or breaks over 50% of time, in this drama, so far. (end of episode 1) From what I saw in real life he would throw himself into activities and then burn out and be sent on recovery times, but in the drama you don't see the activity time much, just the recovery time...
  18. Redwurzel

    House Selling - Advice Please

    On QT tonight a young woman said the best fixed rate she could find through a broker was 10.4% at present. On a mortgage of £200k what are the monthly payments on that? The interest alone is around £1733 per month.
  19. Redwurzel

    Stockton and Darlington Railway

    Glenda Jackson - Only Osca winner to be a UK Minister? Ref Stockton and Darlington - I agree unbelievable history is our region and certainly in the Stockton and Yarm area seems to be forgotten.
  20. Redwurzel

    YouGov Poll - 33 Point lead!

    Trying to think objectively without any political bias I don't think Labour can recreate size of the Blair victories, at present. The political map has changed and polorisiation seems stronger to me than in say 1997. Scotland seems to be permanently SNP with a rump of anti-SNP voting...