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  1. Jedi boro

    Dael Fry

    The Rolls Royce is back and purring.
  2. Jedi boro

    How good was that

    That’s more like it, really enjoyed tonight and we actually looked solid at the back again. Well done boro and we’ll done LEO Eio eio eio
  3. Jedi boro

    Rob edwards described as Kieron Scott best mate in football

    According to drury on bbc tees So 🤔
  4. Jedi boro

    Boro v brum means one thing ……George is back

  5. Jedi boro

    To celebrate Leo name your best South American BORO XI

    Now we have a South American manager what is your ultimate boro South American XI
  6. Jedi boro

    Mark robins

    I know it’s a long shot but I’d love it to be true as I loved him as a player snd he’s done really well as a manager.
  7. Jedi boro

    Paxman and Parkinson’s

    What a remarkable program this is and what an extraordinary man Jeremy paxman is to see such a titan of British media now in such a different state in his life.
  8. Jedi boro

    Would a continental manager be better suited to our model

    As they are more familiar with The DOF structure as well as a president/owner model.
  9. Jedi boro

    The National Covid enquiry starts today

    It will be interesting where this goes and how it develops and hopefully the relatives get the peace and the justice they so deserve. the death toll of the virus in the UK is currently just over 204,000.
  10. Jedi boro

    Sad news - derek redmond father has died

    one of the most endearing iconic sporting images from any Olympics was this when he came into to help his son finish the race.
  11. Jedi boro

    Are we expecting a quick transition?

    Not so much who will we appoint but more about when will they be appointed.
  12. Jedi boro

    The fans didn’t sack him, Gibson did

    I’ve seen a few barbed comments about fickle fans and blaming fans for his departure but make no mistake the fans did not sack Chris wilder Steve Gibson did.
  13. Jedi boro

    Must watch TV tonight - ITV

  14. Jedi boro

    Can we recall loans in the window

    What is the situation with our loans.
  15. Jedi boro

    Boro manager sacked on Tyne tees news

    Not a main story and resigned to sport section.
  16. Jedi boro

    Maddo is driving coburn to Bristol today

    I wonder if he still is or how he’s feeling.
  17. Jedi boro

    Be interesting what happens to hoppe now

    I wonder if he’ll make the bench on wed.
  18. Jedi boro

    Gibson is no fool

    I’ve seen people say he’ll go cheap and quick etc but I don’t think so. I think he may surprise us.
  19. Jedi boro

    The official boro tweet wording

    Pretty blunt that isn’t it.
  20. Jedi boro

    Hoofing old threads from last season to discredit people

    What’s up with that.