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  1. Shaboro1986

    Any solicitors on here, or does anyone know one, quick question

    I need to take my ex's name off the mortgage, everything has been agreed, but she has to get it witnessed to sign 1 piece of paper. Does anyone know someone who can fit us in and how much it would cost Cheers all
  2. Shaboro1986

    Looking to rent a 2/3 bed house in Ts5

    Long story short Split from our lass, still on talking terms. No malice towards each other. Have a young daughter so looking for a house in Ts5 area to rent. If anyone can help.
  3. Shaboro1986

    Wheres my thread gone

    Admin. Has my post been deleted
  4. Shaboro1986

    Craft Fair - Acklam today 10-2

    If you're looking for a walk out, just a heads up. Theres a craft fair at the Salvation Army today 10am - 2pm On Trimdon Avenue in Acklam. Have a look at stalls. Everything is homemade from pies, to wreaths and play area for the kids
  5. Shaboro1986

    Christmas Craft fair at bluebell acklam tonight

    Little Christmas craft fair tonight. Few stalls there. Just bought some gifts 5-8
  6. Shaboro1986

    Loads of lego for sale any ideas

    Do people still buy lego? I have about 25kg of lego. All genuine for sale. I keep it in family suitcases that u take on holiday. I tgink its about time it needs to go. Sny ideas roughly what i would get for it.
  7. Shaboro1986

    Is anyone with Octopus energy

    I'm currently with Bulb, my bills are currently creeping up. So am looking to change. Plus I'm nearly £600 in credit. Any thoughts people
  8. Shaboro1986

    Does anyone know anything about pie warmers

    Long story short, we need a pie warmer to hold 20-30 pies. Some places theres no electric so do we look for a gas one. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all
  9. Shaboro1986

    Getting a decent chicken kebab in Boro

    Some of the drivers, came to the depot today. Not from the area. They wanted chicken kebabs. Asked us where to get a decent one from. I honestly couldn't tell them. So in usual style. Sent out for parmos. Which they really enjoyed. Before anyone starts. 🤣
  10. Shaboro1986

    Bolasie will be signing autographs after the match

    Can't fault the lad. Has said come down after the match and he'll sign autographs
  11. Shaboro1986

    Cash in hand delivering £60-£100 a night 4 hours

    Don't know if anyone is interested, takeaway shop looking for drivers in ingleby. You make between 60-100 quid a night, some nights upto 150. Hours are normally 6-10. Just might help someone out till they are sorted
  12. Shaboro1986

    Picking up other people's rubbish and ignorance

    Drove to Redcar, on the way, seen 2 cars throw rubbish ie paper cups and bags out of the window. Get to Redcar, sat on steps facing the sea and you see people leaving their chip boxes on the seats. Do they think that they just magical grow legs and walk to the bins. Also these people who park on...
  13. Shaboro1986

    Help needed choosing a TV, choice of 2

    I know there are some tech savvy people on here, so am hoping you can give some help in choosing which tv. I've narrowed it down to 2, I've looked at the specs I was sent, but mean absolutely nowt to me. Both Samsung, QE55Q60T v UE55TU8500. The UE one is top LED, whilst the QE one is first...
  14. Shaboro1986

    1000's of pounds worth of lego - question

    I've been in the loft again, and have dug out 2 of the really big suitcases full of lego, including figures and sets. Wondering how much I'd get for it. Does anyone know what the going rate is.
  15. Shaboro1986

    So many crooks and 5hitehawks about, trying to get your money

    Long story short, been looking to upgrade my 07 corsa diesel. Our lass won't drive it cos I just use it as a runaround for work Its a great little car, does have some dings, no rust.. Anyway, I've been around garages and looked on line. The amount of so called professionals, firstly selling...
  16. Shaboro1986

    Has anyone got a Samsung A20 or A21 phone

    My daughter is wanting to buy her own phone and she's asking me about these. Me and technology don't go together. I'm still stuck in the 80's. Can anyone help with any pro and cons. I'd rather ask someone whose had one
  17. Shaboro1986

    Whose the lad who puts boro videos on to dvd

    A poster on here the other week gave me and Erimus74 some old programmes and clippings. He also gave me a load of old VHS boro videos, can we get these put on dvd before I give the videos away
  18. Shaboro1986

    Are all lawyers and solicitors scum

    Firstly, reading the gazette and the excuses they use to try and get the 5hite out of jail. Then watching police interceptors and the little fcuks have stolen cars and crashed them and burgled peoples houses yet they still get off with it. The solicitors are just as bad as the 5hite they try to...
  19. Shaboro1986

    Has anyone got a little car for sale

    Preferably a 5 door, no harm in asking. I'll repost in the morning. Cheers all
  20. Shaboro1986

    That's why this lock down won't work

    I called to a wallpaper shop today, I said to the owner, I'd better get everything I need whilst I'm here before you close. The owner replied why? I said with the lock down. She said no need to worry as they aren't closing as they lost too much money last time. Earlier drove down portrack Lane...