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  1. the_holgate_roof

    FA Cup TV games

    I don’t understand it, you see them every week, surely the magic of the FA Cup is about possible giant killing or at least a lower league club at home to a higher league club?
  2. the_holgate_roof

    Spanish Tactics

    Well as injury time went on the Spanish did look to do a lot of sideways passing, no real urgency, so who knows?
  3. the_holgate_roof

    I'm A Celeb - Matt Hancock

    Well done Jill, very worthy winner…
  4. the_holgate_roof

    Canada at the World Cup

    Alphonso Davies……get in son…👍
  5. the_holgate_roof

    I'm A Celeb - Matt Hancock

    Well Matt gets to the final, who would have predicted that?
  6. the_holgate_roof

    I'm A Celeb - Matt Hancock

    Well Matt has made Cyclone, let’s see how they all get on.
  7. the_holgate_roof

    Any realistic potential Boro signings you have seen at world cup so far.

    Anymore USA players and we can start to introduce tailgating in the Riverside car park with bbq’s and beer kegs
  8. the_holgate_roof

    Denmark to hold talks over European teams quitting FIFA

    This really needs to happen, would love this to gain traction, money is eroding the beloved game, time to address this.
  9. the_holgate_roof

    F.A Cup 3rd round draw on Monday - we are ball No 25.

    With everyone boycotting, there will be no conflict of interest….😏
  10. the_holgate_roof

    Canada at the World Cup

    superb build up play but couldn’t hit a barn door.
  11. the_holgate_roof

    Wales or USA

    I’ve gone USA win, with both teams to score at 5/1.
  12. the_holgate_roof

    No rainbow armbands to be worn

    How will the FA justify their capitulation on this?
  13. the_holgate_roof

    Infantino: North Korea could host World Cup

    At what point does FIFA cease to be relevant and a new organisation is demanded, once the composite parts decide to leave, FIFA ceases to exist.
  14. the_holgate_roof

    Looks like the ‘one love’ armbands are getting the boot.

    The teams fell into line and are participating in this farcical World Cup, will they do the same with the armband?
  15. the_holgate_roof

    Infantino: North Korea could host World Cup

    Is this guy on a total wind up now, does he walk off stage and double up laughing?
  16. the_holgate_roof

    FIFA are to issue their own armbands for captains

    Surely they just react by putting on the armbands they were going to wear anyway..
  17. the_holgate_roof

    Not a good time to retire

    I hope to retire in 8 years, at 62, mortgage paid off, 42 years in a decent company pension, wife will still be working for a while longer, so hopefully enough in the pot to bridge the gap to the state pension kicking in.
  18. the_holgate_roof

    Infantino's laughable defence of Qatar

    If there was ever a time to boycott a World Cup this was it, a collective movement would have finished FIFA, and left Qatar spending billions on nothing, it would have been a strong global message.
  19. the_holgate_roof

    We’re in the mix now

    I think it is a bit of both too, the players confidence was shattered through poor man management, that was clear, they didn’t believe in the system and for me the end result was they didn’t want to play for that manager any longer, the situation was beyond repair and arrived at it’s natural...
  20. the_holgate_roof

    Zack Steffen

    I would say it is essential we sign him on a permanent, what a last line of defence he is, and also the composed way he plays out from the back, has pin point accuracy long range passing, quality keeper.