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  1. Badonde

    Boxing Channel 5

    Anyone watching? Could be decent up at Newcastle tonight. Troy Williamson vs Josh Kelly......local dust-up
  2. Badonde

    Wigan turn down Wilder

  3. Badonde

    Josh Coburn

    Hearing he had another great performance today as Bristol Rovers beat Peterborough 1-0. He didn't score but played well by all accounts. Brizzle newspaper sports report Josh Coburn - 7 The striker was a great example of everything a target man should do. Despite having his shirt pulled at...
  4. Badonde

    Relegation Clauses in Player Contracts

    Just been stalking the Norwich forum. Came across the following interesting titbit. They have just held their annual meeting. There was criticism of Stuart Webbers recruitment and the man himself had the courage to stand up and admit mistakes were his responsibility. He also explained the...
  5. Badonde

    Viktor Gyökeres - Will we be back in for him

    Coventry were given a transfer embargo yesterday while they repay money to HM Revenue & Customs, which the club attribute to the postponements. “Any transfer activity in the January window will be unaffected,” Dave Boddy, the club’s chief executive, said. The Times 31/10/22 Have Coventry really...
  6. Badonde

    Christine and the Queens - Redcar?

    Has she been on holiday? Where did the Queens stay?
  7. Badonde

    Keep Leo

    Why are we looking elsewhere when what we need is right before our eyes. A good point taken today against relegation rivals Huddersfield. Just heard Leo on the radio and he certainly has the passion to make the position a success. Come on Gibbo - get him signed up. UTB
  8. Badonde

    Liz Truss Press Conference 2pm today - Corporation Tax back up to 25%

    Oh ho hokey kokey
  9. Badonde

    West Brom Forum - Poll - Who for next manager?

    270 replies on the Baggies forum. Think I read that over 50% voted for Dyche in a similar survey in their local paper. Who would you like to be next permanent head coach/manager? Rob Edwards27 (10%) Sean Dyche 92 (34.1%) Scott Parker 17 (6.3%) Chris Wilder 10 (3.7%) John Terry2 (0.7%) Roy...
  10. Badonde

    Positive thinking

    How dare Coventry ask for £20m for Gykores (sic) given they haven't got a pot to pi$$ in. The UK is currently undergoing the worst recession for 30 years. Similar to Preston too - Riss we still want you Hopefully we are keeping our 'powder dry'. The country is about to fall apart. We are the...
  11. Badonde

    Imagine Boro was a share price?

    Lets say 100p was our average price over the last 10 years. What would our price be today?
  12. Badonde

    Newcastle Arabia

    How long until UK football fooks itself? I hate russia-sponsored Chelsea and Bournemouth. And the geordies. Personally hope City win the League by 30 points to illustrate how stupid and unfair the situation is
  13. Badonde

    St Johnstone vs Celtic

    I noticed Celtic got both ends behind the goals. How good must that be as an away fan - especially when you score the winner on 90+5
  14. Badonde

    Steve Cooper

    Could see him sacked tonight if Forest lose. Their owner is very short tempered. Could he manage a second rescue mission in succession?
  15. Badonde

    Carlos Corberan

    will be our next Manager
  16. Badonde

    Wilder post match

    Nothing in it between the sides. Porr decision making from the players.
  17. Badonde

    Coventry missing key men today

    Last year was bad enough when they beat us. But no Hamer or O'Hare today for them. We had pretty much our first choice X1 didn't we?
  18. Badonde

    Boro 1 Poocastle 1 U-21 game tonight FT

    We got a last minute equaliser. Don't know any further details.
  19. Badonde

    Economy going pear-shaped. Especially up here

    This wasn't the GDP graph I was looking for but it tells a similar story. It always seems to be us that get kicked in the nuts the hardest. Then again, I believe our area was one of only a couple of net exporting regions. I know the issues are piling up but perhaps Brexit wasn't the best idea :mad:
  20. Badonde


    Thought he was fantastic when he came on. Love him me