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  1. the_holgate_roof

    Christmas Decs

    Saw my first Christmas decorations up today in a house the next street down from us, it is only 10th Nov, what is wrong with people, why can’t people wait for anything these days….
  2. the_holgate_roof


    How does Crooks force his way back in, we practically play a 4-4-2, albeit Giles gets much further forward than Smith, he can’t drop Hackney, the only way in would be leaving McGree out, does Crooks now have to sit it out, in which case he may aswell go for his operation?
  3. the_holgate_roof

    Leo’s win ratio

    If we win today will be 60%, with exactly the same squad of players that Wilder had, take a bow son….👍
  4. the_holgate_roof

    Riga in Latvia

    Anyone been, is it worth a visit, thinking of going for a long weekend, visit the Christmas Markets and see some of the sights?
  5. the_holgate_roof

    Apathy or Anger

    Which camp are you in, at least anger shows you are still emotionally invested, whereas apathy is the state beyond anger, where people are just going through the motions. Do you think the atmosphere at games will turn toxic, with in fighting in the stands or are we way beyond that point, and...
  6. the_holgate_roof

    Travelodge-long term deals

    Anybody know if chain hotels are open to long term deals, thinking a student may need 2 nights per week accommodation, but over a sustained period of many weeks, would a chain hotel be open to negotiations do you think??
  7. the_holgate_roof

    Director of Football

    Is that Kieron Scott’s title?? It simply is not working here, not saying universally it doesn’t work but it hasn’t worked at Boro, I don’t know what constraints are placed on Bausor but again not working……..or are we really constrained financially and as Lamb once said, the fans will get the...
  8. the_holgate_roof

    Let’s back Leo and the boys tonight

    Let’s draw a line under things and really create some noise tonight, call it a new chapter, and remember Leo will have a slightly different hat on tonight, so let him concentrate on the job in hand, predict a 2-0 win to Boro, players free to express themselves again, a much happier camp.
  9. the_holgate_roof

    Millwall tickets

    Buying tickets and assigned to ticket holders, but still saying quantity of tickets exceeds 1 per person, any ideas??
  10. the_holgate_roof

    The Voice UK

    Totally forgot about this, being at the match last night, obviously got it on series link, great little treat for a Sunday night, with take away en-route…👌
  11. the_holgate_roof

    RIP Queen Elizabeth

    A very sad and somber moment, thoughts with her family, she earned great respect across the globe and always put her position first, a lifetime of service……RIP.
  12. the_holgate_roof

    Upgrade to Hospitality

    I notice the club advertising the Middlehaven suite for the Rotherham game at £75 a pop, I sit in SW corner, so assume an upgrade may be around £45 but is it worth it the whole package, it looks like a hot meal, a padded seat in the corner, a bit of chat from an old player and some over priced...
  13. the_holgate_roof

    Blackpool roll call

    We haven’t had a good old roll call for a while, who is going??? 12 of us, going Fri - Sun making a weekend of it, we’re on a roll now, win there, then 2 home games, win both and all of a sudden things don’t look so bleak…..👍😁🍺….UTB!!!
  14. the_holgate_roof

    Millwall away

    Any idea when the tickets for this one will go on sale, just booked train tickets, any idea how many tickets we normally get, usually just upper tier, got over 190 pts so hopeful as long as they don’t set the points bar so low like they did for Blackpool….👍
  15. the_holgate_roof

    Dry trains

    Are these still enforced, trains coming back from a game in London, are the trains alcohol free or is that a thing of the past??
  16. the_holgate_roof

    Beth Mead

    Do you think Boro will be inviting Beth down for the Sheff Utd game, as QPR did with Chloe Kelly yesterday, with Beth getting the Golden Boot and player of the tournament, it would be great for the Boro fans to show their appreciation??
  17. the_holgate_roof

    Power Cut in TS6

    Anybody else’s power gone off, we are in TS6??
  18. the_holgate_roof

    Reading away - next rail strike

    Anyone thinking of going to Reading away on the train might want to rethink, next rail strikes scheduled for 18th and 20th August.
  19. the_holgate_roof

    Dementia support

    I was hoping for a bit of help, my dad is suffering with this awful disease but it is also taking a dreadful toll on my mam, my dad is still at home but he seems to degenerating rapidly, the first thing I think is my mam could do with some respite, we both work full time so can only offer so...
  20. the_holgate_roof

    Another mass shooting in the USA

    But hey, let’s not infringe any bodies civil rights, the 2nd amendment says so……. …’A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’