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  1. 1finny

    Looks like the ‘one love’ armbands are getting the boot.

    Captains who wear them will get a caution. Most European nations were going to wear them. Van Dijk and Kane now saying ‘it’s not worth a booking’ There is an alternative - they wear them every game, get booked every time (along with team mates) until they have no one left to play. Or, they...
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    Up for a happy Friday?

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    Imagine the Riverside twice as big

    And full of kids, with another 9000 outside. Just been on a ‘seeing is believing‘ business trip to Nottingham. They have 79000 kids in poverty. We went to see social enterprises and volunteers dealing with food poverty in the city. Inspiring and horrifying. This kind of thing was new to many...
  4. 1finny

    Jools Holland Later 30th anniversary

    Great show with some fantastic performances. Benjamin Clementine was astonishing. Seasick Steve‘s contribution was emotional Honourable mentions to First Aid Kit, Robert Plant, Richard Hawley, Michael Kiwanuka and Joy Only dud on the night was Eliza Carthy’s voice - her whistling was good tho.
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    Benders like Beckham

    Good challenge
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    Charlie Chaplin Knew

    Never heard this before Fair play
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    Glastonbury Tickets

    Anyone? Got through twice to the payment page then timed out
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    It’s been a great couple of weeks for good new albums

    Andrew Bird Benjamin Clemantine Loyle Carner Bill Callahan
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    Help Women Feel Safe

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    Dan Martin Interview

    Enjoyed it. He’s selling books so, probably a little OTT in places. In the era we have now I don’t think it’s fair to say the best riders are robots. The last couple of years we have had a lot of fun with Pog, Rog, Remvo VDP, WVA et al. But, his warnings on longevity could come home to roost...
  11. 1finny

    Qatar restrict reporting during Workd Cup

    Nothing to see here…. Who would have thought it Enjoy the football - not for me tho
  12. 1finny

    The Walk of a Life Time - New Zealand?

    Probably My son and partner planned to do this in October 2021 - for obvious reasons it tanked. They worked, they sold up and eventually left UK in Jan this year. In 4 days they start their dream 3000 km walk. It was wonderfully emotional chatting to them this morning knowing they are going to...
  13. 1finny

    The Happy Buzz of Excitement when the catalogue arrives

    As a teen growing up in the 70’s I never thought I’d beat the rush of blood when the Littlewoods Catalogue arrived 😳 Today, ladies and gents….. The Lakeland Xmas catalogue dropped on my doorstep 💥💥
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    Our Successful Managers

    I looked back since the days of Big Jack In summary we have had around 20 managers who have had a meaningful time at the club Split is 50/50 between novices and experienced managers Big Jack, Rioch, Robbo, Smac and AK all go in the 'success' bucket from the novices John Neil, Lennie and...
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    The French taking some action ref Qatar world cup

    Most major cities including Paris (PSG owned by Qatar) will not have the World Cup played live for the public. Means no fan zones etc. They say it is in response to public opinion (Pierre??) A small gesture but at least it is something Cantona saying he won’t be watching any game at all (much...
  16. 1finny

    At last - a way forward for the Energy Crisis

    From a surprising source - the new Chairman of the Tory Party. ’Either, reduce your usage or get a higher paid job’ I knew I was missing something
  17. 1finny

    12 string guitars

    Been watching some old music recently and they used to crop up a fair bit. Even to the point Genesis had A 12 string and bass guitar all in one. Don‘t recall them playing a part in bands over the last 30 years or so?
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    Have you ever cheated at anything?

    How far would you go
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    Latest episode of Gone Fishing

    Quite possibly the best ever The tasting of the whisky had me in stitches