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    Anass Zaroury

    Has today become the 27th Championship player to be involved in this WC tournament. Called up today to the Morrocco squad he's been a sensation for Burnley so far scoring 5 and assisting 4 - key to their drive to the top of the table. His showreel shows he could be a player to watch in Qatar.
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    Musk Completes his Twitter Takeover

    No messing about he has sacked the top executives. Wants immediate changes including the return of you know who. Less moderation and more "free speech"
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    Pulp Reunion Tour

    Announcement tomorrow it appears.
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    Tour de France 2023 Route Reveal

    Route just revealed
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    Whatsapp Down

    How will we all cope? Just seen that people in Government are all in a tizzy because they can't communicate with each other FFs use a text message or pick up the bloody phone.
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    Just Look at the Reaction from Tories to the Sunak Anointing

    You will struggle to find many who support. Frightening cultists.
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    Stop Oil Attack Waxworks

    No objection to this. After all they are just giant candles.
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    Truss is Drawing Up Her Resignation Honours List!

    Its getting more barmy and more crazy by the hour 🤷‍♂️
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    Premiership Rugby

    Wasps about to fold and follow Worcester into Administration. Rugby news.
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    When All Players Looked in their 50s

    and shorts were not short.
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    Name this Football Stadium.

    We played here within the last 40 years
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    FA Cup Final to be moved to Sunday

    Coronation looks likely to be on June 3rd. Date of FA Cup Final.
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    World Cup 2030 Bid

    Uefa have endorsed Ukraine Spain and Portugal as their bid. Have we seen the end of the one nation world cup? Will miss them. I mean a joint bid by Egypt, Greece and Saudi Arabia!! Pardon the vernacular but WTF. I trust that this bid will fail although where Fifa are concerned you wouldnt...
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    Big Day for James Bond - 60 Years

    1. 60 years since Dr No was released 2. New Bond named this morning 3. Big concert at Royal Albert Hall tonight featuring Shirley Bassey, Lulu, Garbage, Sheena Easton.
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    Kwarteng’s Post Budget Champagne Party

    I defy anybody to not feel angry when reading about Kwartengs partynwith Hedge Fund Managers post the mini budget last week. Leader in today’s Sunday Times.
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    Good Luck To Any London Marathon Runners Tomorrow and remember ....

    The ballot for the London Marathon next year opens today! Results usually take 6 months but because they are moving it back to April they promise the results will be out at the end of the month.
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    False site. Ignore
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    Singapore Grand Prix This Week

    Nephew today checked into his hotel for the week on business. Lucked out.
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    Anybody Just see The Ending to the England v India Womens ODI at Lord’s?

    Very controversial. Players leaving the pitch to some booing. Unfortunate end to a good game.
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    So Much Great Live Sport on Now

    Womens WC Road Race - Incredible Finish and a brave winner just now NZ v Australia just kicked off in Rugby Championship AFL Grand Final in Melbourne - Geelong thrashing Sydney Raducanu v Ostapenko semi final