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  1. Middlesbrough123

    Gas/electric today

    Just curious what your readings are today so far . I have no heating in today and haven’t used hot water . Feel free to drop a pic
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    Mystic Meg

  3. Middlesbrough123

    Mirror phone to firestick

    Anyone know a decent app to allow this ?
  4. Middlesbrough123

    Netflix DAHMER

    News series out now 1 episode in …… creepy 🫣
  5. Middlesbrough123

    Anyone use EE ?

    Just switched over to EE From O2 expecting superior coverage but it’s actually worse . I also used it in a house that has EE broadband surely these shine be the same but the it’s not as good as the internet dingle the house had . I’m 7 days in thinking of trying to switch back
  6. Middlesbrough123

    An we vote them out ?

  7. Middlesbrough123

    Akpom v larsen

    We expected Akpom to go and someone else to come in . Based on current form we’re not short of goals but conceding them , we didn’t have this problem last season . The solutions are down to the managers decisions now imo and get that defence sorted , we haven’t signed the striker we expected but...
  8. Middlesbrough123

    Going forward

    Hopefully itl be Dijksteel ,Fry and Clark at the back for a while and leave it that way .
  9. Middlesbrough123

    Tammy Abraham setting a new trend

    Not that many English players embrace the move abroad and learn a new language 😎👍
  10. Middlesbrough123

    2022 V AK squad

    So should you rate the current squad Bette than the one that got us promoted ? Steffen ----Dijk-----Lenihan-----Bola -------------Howson Jones---Crooks-- Mowatt---Giles ----------Muniz----Forss Maybe add Larsen to that
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    Back up thread just in case 🫣
  12. Middlesbrough123

    Coburn after the window shuts

    What’s the situation , can he still go out on loan to certain clubs or does it need To be done and dusted before it shuts ? Based in the mangers opinion this looks like happening one way or another .
  13. Middlesbrough123

    Metal detector

    Anyone use one ? Was thinking of buying an mine lab vanquish 540 .
  14. Middlesbrough123

    75 year old club making way for boro rangers

  15. Middlesbrough123

    Forest bid £35m

    I had Giles down as potential £25m
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  17. Middlesbrough123

    Hannibal Mejbri.

    Anygood ?
  18. Middlesbrough123

    Make up should be illegal
  19. Middlesbrough123

    Watch out Matt crooks is about

  20. Middlesbrough123

    Tim hortons

    Just sampling my second meal right now , just wondered what others opinions are on it ?