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  1. Berwickhillbilly

    Hayden Hackney is going to be a huge star ***

    Think what sort of a player we could have had if only we'd been able to get him a loan deal to a league 1 side to learn his trade.
  2. Berwickhillbilly

    Kids football cancelled

    Don't know what happened there Sorted
  3. Berwickhillbilly

    Kids football cancelled

    Seems strange to me that kids can't play but the Boro can train.
  4. Berwickhillbilly

    Kids football cancelled

    We may differ on our feelings about the monarchy, everyone has their opinions, but agree with you 100%. It's the FA and the EFL, there is no thought process.
  5. Berwickhillbilly

    Kids football cancelled

    Kids can still go to Preston Park skateboarding track, go to the pictures, indoor play areas or trampolining centres. But they can't go and play football. RIDICULOUS DECISION.
  6. Berwickhillbilly

    Aitor gives his condolences

    Nice touch Aitor 👍
  7. Berwickhillbilly

    Trevor Sinclair

  8. Berwickhillbilly

    RIP Queen Elizabeth

    Rest in peace. A remarkable and caring lady.
  9. Berwickhillbilly

    Graham Potter Appointed Chelsea Manager on 5 Year Contract

    Hope she does like shoes, won't look right going down kings road in wellies.
  10. Berwickhillbilly

    Fry is better than leninhan

    His first job is to defend. Did that well last night. We need a midfielder to come and get the ball off him and use it, and not leave him with no options.
  11. Berwickhillbilly

    Favourite goal v SUNLUN

    Every goal iv'e seen against them. But loved Bosco's little flick from the corner kick at Joker Park.
  12. Berwickhillbilly

    What game ya watching

    Pompey v Peterborough
  13. Berwickhillbilly

    Describe a Tony in three words

    As did Tony Pulis
  14. Berwickhillbilly

    Matt Clarke!

    Brother in law text me the other day from Portsmouth saying he was a good defender and also looks good going forward. Can't argue.
  15. Berwickhillbilly

    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Swansea Match - Day Thread *

    Don't think Tav will be enjoying his afternoon. 5 0 at HT
  16. Berwickhillbilly

    T33 SDR registration plate

  17. Berwickhillbilly

    Name a shop that is closed in Teesside that you love to bring back.

    Kay's tools Also, can't remember the name, but there was a butcher's on Wilson Street whose potted meat was to die for. Can taste it now.
  18. Berwickhillbilly

    Your ideal Centre Mid

    If only we could. Going off the line of the thread, there was a podcast, if that's the word, on radio tees with George last night about his time here, well worth a listen if you haven't heard it before.