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    Corberan to everton

    I agree, you don't just start playing Bielsa ball overnight. Think there's a chance they could get quite a bit worse before they get better. Whether they've got enough games left to save the season is the key question in that regard. Corberan would be an interesting - must admit I'm a fan of...
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    Should we appeal the red card?

    Agree that there is some "attempted pulling" by Fry although on closer inspection his fist isn't closed - so maybe patting is more apt? All the while Stewart has his arm across Fry obstructing him. Like I've said before, an experienced and competent official lets the ball roll through to...
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    Defenders, do we need more?

    Agree that we're very thin in midfield. If Howson and Hackney are both out, who plays there? We have a few players who can "do a job" there but Carrick doesn't strike me as a manager willing to play square pegs in round holes. My personal preference would be an upgrade on Howson and have...
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    Frank Lampard Sacked

    Ferguson takes them down for me - might improve the morale but I'm dubious about his tactical flexibility in the modern game. So hopefully he gets appointed. Judging by the betting it appears most decent managers know not to touch that club with a barge pole!
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    How many Sunderland players would get in our team?

    Yep, based on yesterday's performance probably most of them. Based on their average over a season and actual technical ability - not too many. Wouldn't have Clarke anywhere near our team to be honest. Good with the ball at his feet but very little end product (hence the reason Spurs got rid -...
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    Paper talk. Charlie Cresswell.

    Interesting if true, appears to be an old-fashioned agricultural centre half. Not sure he gets in ahead of Lenihan or Fry but good prospect. We do seem pretty well stocked at centre half (arguably 5 options including Djiksteel as emergency cover) so I'd expect someone to leave if he comes in...
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    Forss messing with the pelanty spot...

    Fair enough, my bad - some others aren't though. As I said before, his mistake was getting caught ;)
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    Do we have to listen to the bias pathetic commentary on sky

    Yep, bigger issue for me is the continued employment of people like Goodman on commentary duties. The guy literally brings nothing. No interesting analysis, no ex-professionals insight, very little attempt to explain the tactical intricacies of the game as its played. I might start writing a...
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    Rate Our Transfer Window..

    Following yesterday's midfield display we could really do with Jashari joining. I'm still sceptical though and think he'll end up at a bigger side.
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    Cameron Archer

    Jury's still out for me - not that I think he's a bad player, just need to see more of him to form an opinion I think. Little disappointed he played out wide yesterday. I'd have stuck him on Baath and asked him to run through.
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    Forss messing with the pelanty spot...

    Disagree, as mentioned on the VAR thread, there's simply far too much at stake financially these days to not try to take every single advantage you can get. Particularly in the "grey areas" where refs either aren't clamping down or it's not specifically covered in the rule book. Morally dubious...
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    VAR would've given a different result today

    100% - been crying out for it since it was introduced in the Prem, there's simply far too much at risk financially in the Championship. The outputs are irrelevant but we need to moving towards an improvement in % correct decisions across the board. At the moment it's a complete lottery as to...
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    We didnt turn up. Like at Burnley

    Midfield is rightly pinpointed - struggled yesterday big time. Movement from Sunderland's front four was impressive which dragged our two deep and wide at times. Also their central 2 sat deep so we couldn't really push onto them, or risk opening up a massive gap in front of our defence...
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    Should we appeal the red card?

    Really? I've watched it multiple times and can't pinpoint an actual foul being made. Various reports of trips, pulls, pushes and tangles but I just can't see it.
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    How many Sunderland players would get in our team?

    Diallo. That's it. Clarke and Roberts look easy on the eye but end product is terrible. Stewart would be a player if he had half a brain and didn't run into meaningless positions all game.
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    We didnt turn up. Like at Burnley

    I've watched quite a bit of Sunderland this season, thats probably as well as they've played. Obviously we contributed to our own downfall today. If we'd played as well as we have most weeks under Carrick it's a comfortable victory for me. Their front four will cause teams problems but there's...
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    That was outside the box

    The location of the supposed offence is complete red herring here as no offence took place.
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    Amad Diallo

    Quality player but we should have done him early doors. Said on another thread but we need to be savvier at times.
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    Forss messing with the pelanty spot...

    His only mistake was getting caught. We do seem to be a bit less "savvy" recently. Think we need that gamesmanship back in our game at some point.
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    Player celebrating another professional being sent off.

    Fair enough. I would hope our players would do the same. Must admit the game lacked an edge today. Disappointing really but a neutral switching it on wouldn't think it was a derby. Said the same about the Utd Arsenal game after. I much preferred the days when each set of players despised...