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  1. FlapJacks

    Is there “bots” on this site?

    Look out for double posts... a sure sign of a bot. They also like to deny their own existence.
  2. FlapJacks


    Car drivers stop to let you cross the road pretty much every time.
  3. FlapJacks

    How many FMTTM users have you met in real life?

    Two ... at Wembley. Spoiler alert. We lost.
  4. FlapJacks

    It’s surprisingly small

    Yes, I went to most of the good galleries in Madrid. So much good stuff. The Garden of Earthly Delights is another of that type of painting. Lots going on.
  5. FlapJacks

    Drink Driving

    Gender and ethnicity also contribute.
  6. FlapJacks

    It’s surprisingly small

    On a visit to Madrid I saw Guernica by Picasso. Absolutely massive. God knows how they fixed it to the wall safely. Very well hung.
  7. FlapJacks

    Becky Mantin

    Those eyebrows. Looks like she's just come off stage at the Christmas pantomime and forgotten to take off some of her make up.
  8. FlapJacks

    Post your little known musical factoids

    Didn't he miss the sex pistols when he left to get some chips? Or maybe that was a different gig.
  9. FlapJacks

    Places or Buildings that blew your mind.

    Emerging from the dark tube station into bright sunlight to see la sagrada familia in Barcelona. Blimey.
  10. FlapJacks


    Stick with the natural kind rather than base 10.
  11. FlapJacks

    Govt to ban strikes

    They'll be banning protests next ... oh hang on.
  12. FlapJacks

    Food porn

  13. FlapJacks

    Places you’d wished to visit but never did?

    I went there just a few months before the war started and it was fabulous. Just a handful of other people there too.
  14. FlapJacks

    The Champions - TV Series

    Great theme tune too - introduced by the woman herself.
  15. FlapJacks

    Argentina 🇦🇷 vs 🇫🇷 France - World Cup Final - KO 3pm

    This ceremony is longer than the Oscars.
  16. FlapJacks

    Argentina 🇦🇷 vs 🇫🇷 France - World Cup Final - KO 3pm

    Lloris is the French Peter Shilton. Great shot stopper, not so hot with penalties.
  17. FlapJacks

    Who was a better striker… drogba or shearer?

    Drogba was a brilliant big game player for sure.
  18. FlapJacks

    When people call the Premier League 'The EPL'...

    The top flight.
  19. FlapJacks

    Sunderland hahaha

    If only their descent into League One had been documented by way of a fly on the wall documentary. That would've been fantastic viewing. Oh hang on ....