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    * The Unofficial "Official". Boro v Watford. Match-Day Thread *

    When was the last time we played a team at the top of the table and looked this comfortable
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    Stream for today

    Tried a different VPN and Netherlands worked there, thanks all
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    Stream for today

    Not working for me :(
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    Stream for today

    What's the address for that?
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    Stream for today

    I usually use a VPN and buy the game from the club website, but I think the game is being broadcast overseas so it's restricted in more countries Any ideas where I can get another stream?
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    * The Unofficial "Official". Boro v Watford. Match-Day Thread *

    I think this is why I'm struggling to get the stream via VPN! Anyone know what countries to try?
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    Attendance figures

    A lot of potential Blackburn fans will end up being Man United/City fans too
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    If Chuba continues this form and scores 20+ this season...

    And we get a bid of £15m in the summer - would you sell?
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    Boro Accounts 21-22

    The club is losing £365k a week - and he is covering it. What else, exactly, would you have him do?
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    Jude Bellingham

    On the face of it retiring his shirt was a nonsense move, but as I understand it - he was out of contract and could have gone to Dortmund for free (and more money) but signed a new contract with BCFC to ensure they got some money for him (£20m) This could have put Dortmund off, and most...
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    Denmark to hold talks over European teams quitting FIFA

    32 years, which isn't that bad - and the sport has moved on considerably from then
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    Warnock reveals secret behind Watmore signing and how it almost didn't happen [Gazette]

    Great stuff from Madrid, but a bit weird - do they do that to all players who get a big injury?
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    Ha ha well done Alex

    well done (y)
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    £27,000 a year?

    This is kind of what I was getting at. Hire people who are qualified to add value and improve efficiencies by actually managing staff and departments. That is what you are paying them for, and that is what they're good at. You could pay for a secretary or admin staff to deal with the rotas...
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    £27,000 a year?

    Paying for the bus or train is similar to paying for a car surely They don't necessarily need to get free parking - a lot of people don't. But they should have adequate parking at a favourable price for sure
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    £27,000 a year?

    exactly this
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    £27,000 a year?

    I agree that we are probably overspending on the management side, and no doubt it could be made more efficient. But the idea that every person in the NHS needs to have direct contact with patients and experience of caring for them, is ridiculous. There will be people working at engineering firms...
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    Rodrigo Muniz

    He is a good player and offers something the others don't. Akpom won't be on fire all season, people get injured, we need a squad. He'll play his part I'm sure
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    Benders like Beckham

    Joe Lycett is great
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    Zack Steffen on a permanent (Twitter rumour)

    As it stands, and assuming the numbers are right, I would be ok with that