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    Is Tyson Fury the biggest fraud in boxing?

  2. MolteniArcore

    What final position would you take now?

    6th would be a great result for us. Be lovely to sneak into 2nd though!
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    Zahawi sacked

    I think she is pretty good on QT and since she has taken over I think the audiences have been pretty well selected also. QT is what it is - it isn't everyones cup of tea and it makes everyone angry but I think it's worth of its place on TV.
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    Leaving restaurants without paying bills

    Might just be a British thing? On the continent you have tabs for just beers as a matter of course. It works very well.
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    Zahawi sacked

    All of this is a disgrace and shows how weak Sunak is but despite all of that I can't see Sunak going anywhere. Another change of PM would force a GE I would think. The Tories have some brass neck but I think even they would struggle not to see how crazy it would be!
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    Mayor of Kingstown

    Really enjoying it. So annoying they are only releasing one episode a week in S2!!
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    Tesla drivers…

    When you look at that map and see how many chargers are available on the M6, M1 & A1 you wonder why range anxiety is even a thing! There are hundreds!! Personally I think range anxiety is just a lazy argument made by people who just don't want EV - they don't know why, they just don't want...
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    These 200 Migrant Children that have gone missing

    I wouldn't trust anything coming out of the Home Office. But even if 9 out of 10 are Albanian males claiming to be 16/17 what is equally alarming is that these people are allowed to abscond anyway. The whole thing is alarming.
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    YouGov Poll - 33 Point lead!

    Intersting chat on Peston last night with John Curtice, the polling expert. As the Tories have burnt pretty much everyone in Parliament they would be unable to form a minority Government with anyone so effectively they need to add about 8 points on to their vote share on top of drawing level...
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    These 200 Migrant Children that have gone missing

    I hope you have some evidence, other than the one case to which you refer, to back that claim up? If not you are just appearing like a massive bigot. Maybe you are Reform UK? ;)
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    The Last of Us TV Show

    I've never played the game and am finding it a bit slow but I think I am enjoying it!
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    Is Tyson Fury the biggest fraud in boxing?

    Yeah, I kinda agree. His reputation will take a hit for sure.
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    Is Tyson Fury the biggest fraud in boxing?

    And every fighter. Let's see if the fight is made first before we castigate Fury. I am a big fan of his but won't be pleased if the fight doesn't go ahead unless there is a very big reason for it.
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    Is Tyson Fury the biggest fraud in boxing?

    "Everybody on both sides wants to do it, there’s no question about it. Hopefully, it’ll get done."
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    West Coast USA Fly Drive holidays - advice.

    "Old trout" :ROFLMAO: Not heard that for a while!
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    Lunch out...Plus my ratings of local places to try

    Menu looks great at your spot @Randy! I think we'll have to try your parmos soon. Do we need to book or do you usually have room for walk ins?
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    Social energy tariffs

    Interesting stat on GMB yesterday morning - there is something like 20x the amount of tax avoiders than there is fraudulent benefit claims but you are more likely to be locked up for benefit fraud that tax fraud. See Nadhim Zahawi.
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    Social energy tariffs

    Thought you meant that! When you speak to these people (to which you refer) on a one to one basis over a period of time you find out why they are like they are. And they have been let down, badly. They don't want to be living in poverty. They don't want to have to claim benefits. They want...
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    Social energy tariffs

    Is there such a thing as a small majority of claimants? Having worked in Benefits nearly all my life I would say the people to which you describe aren't really employable. They could work but they don't have the work/life/educational skills to hold down a job. Society and the system has let...