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    Boro Geordies

    Stan Anderson?
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    Watmore to Millwall ?

    I hope he stays- he would always be the first name on the team sheet for me
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    Zahawi sacked

    Many immigrants, when found guilty of an offence, are stripped of their British citizenship and deported- fingers crossed
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    Cameron Archer

    Cam Archer was superb. The team oozed confidence and should have been out of sight before half time.
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    * The Unofficial "Official". Boro v Watford. Match-Day Thread *

    What was the crowd- I never hear it being announced
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    Attendance v Watford

    Well I was in the ticket office yesterday and tried to get three seats together in either the West or East stands. Nothing in the East and very little in the west but managed for me and the two foster boys who I have converted into Boro fans
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    Singers or bands with wildlife in their name

    The Herd
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    New policy - break the law? Just apologise

    He's a serial criminal is that Sunak-I would at least got a fine for this.
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    YouGov Poll - 33 Point lead!

    237 pharmacists to close
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    The British police are the best in the world

    If policing is carried out "by consent"- how can we withdraw consent and what would replace it?
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    Britishvolt at Blyth in administration.

    Tories steal people's futures for votes. After Thatchers deindustrialisation people up here suffered stress related mental health issues, depression and suicides, due to abject poverty imposed on us. It has taken over 40 years to even get a sniff of a hope from either party then this happens.
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    Has Covid and inflation killed pubs and clubs?

    My local plays music at ear splitting levels. Conversation is carried out by shouting at the person next to you. I have hearing problems and have told the landlord about this- tough luck he said
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    Car insurance

    My premiums went up after a car ran into the back of mine. The insurance company told me that I had become a risk. They went up further when I retired. The insurance company told me I had more time to drive about so I became a greater risk, even though I actually drive less .
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    FA Cup Playoff the Watney Cup & Derby Day Gaps/rivalry

    Watney cup was a post season tournament sponsored by the Watney brewery. It experimented with the offside law, drawing an extra line across the pitch halfway between the penalty area and halfway line, where players could not be offside inside that part of the pitch. It played for a season or two...
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    Do you ever feel guilt when eating meat?

    Yes I feel terrible. Especially when seeing wagon loads of animals and I know where they are going- I am just too weak to stop eating meat
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    Where do they find the time to look after their constituents

    Just claim a quid more than you should on benefits and see what happens
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    Indigenous Middlesbrough families......

    Dear me- this is awful
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    VAR at a new low

    Read the rules. Toti purposefully jumps to header the ball, which means Salah is no longer offside. It was not up to Toti to decide if Salah was offside. That is the job of the officials. Salah was offside when the ball was played and the flag should have went up then. Are we now saying that if...
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    FA Cup Replays are back....

    To me, replays MAKE the FA Cup, including second and third replays. Replays only became a "problem" when the greedy Premier league was formed.
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    Football- a 90 minute game?

    Yer jokin' aren't yer