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    Long history of trying strikers out wide at Boro, even Rioch tried Slaven out wide a few times. See also Davenport, Maccarone, Aliadiere (sp?) Stuani and I am sure many others. We did have one success going the other way - John Hendrie
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    Booing taking the knee

    Are you this unbothered if people boo on Armistice day?
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    Lewis Maloney - for those who like to keep track of ex players

    Whilst looking for details of Thornaby's next hammering (at Scarborough) I came across this on the National League twitter feed. I never remember him hitting it like that for our U23's!
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    Cameron Archer

    I agree entirely but I was just trying to debate wether Carrick wants Jones to change a bit and start delivering earlier into the box. As a result he takes him out of the firing line while he tries to adapty to the change, rather than keep knocking his confidence. I always remember the debate...
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    If it wasn’t for the poor

    Can most of this rise in people getting more out than putting in not be covered prettty much by the rise in the percentage of pensioners vs working age pople over the last 23 years?
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    Cameron Archer

    Jones and Giles seem to try crossing in a different way. Giles tends to put it in early and aims for an area rather than a specific player. Jones seems to try and get to the byline and then pass it to a player directly, rather than just clipping it into a dangerous area. I remember how Downing...
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    Why Did The People of Teesside Fall Out of Love With Their Team

    19999 was the official average attendance in that 1st div year. I always assumed there were extra rules for teams with a 20000 plus attendance that would have necessitated ground improvements :cool:
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    Winner, winner, chicken dinner

    Dr Hibburd talks about the number of broccoli related deaths in the world
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    Since coming back down under agnew, any strikers we've had.....

    I'm assuming that the darker is where he is most rather than where he touched it.
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    Brian Laws on Roy Keane

    It was a horrible moment against Bristol R
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    FAO atypical_boro

    Even in the 90s, when I was getting ripped off by a taxi driver in Las Vegas he started to pretend the only words of English he knew were Bobby Charlton which he kept repeating in the hope I would stop whinging about him dropping me off at the wrong end of the strip.
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    Mendy found not guilty

    Isn't there an Arsenal player who hasn't been charged yet but is under investigation and on police bail. This means he hasn't officially been named yet? Not going to speculate about his name as that would be wrong.
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    Indigenous Middlesbrough families......

    It's alright his mother was an incomer from Thornaby
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    The Worst 11 in the Championship so far...

    The manager of this team must be worst manager in championship as well (don't think Wilder tried him there);)
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    The Banshees of Inisherin

    Have Disney cut a scene near the end relating to the young lad who gets abused by has dad - or did I just somehow miss it?
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    Simon Pegg

    Thought I wasn't imagining that this has been the case for years. I think English is involved as a subject as well as maths
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    Simon Pegg

    This policy was introduced years ago wasn't it? I'm sure when Labour were in power, towards the end of their time they said that anybody who didn't get a C grade or above or the equivalent at 16 in maths had to carry on studying it until 18 either in 6th form or as part of a work based...
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    School careers night

    How old is he? Is he picking GCSE (14 year old) or is he looking at further education (16 year old). If its GCSE just pick the subjects he likes the best, most important subjects are compulsory anyway. If it's post 16 then he needs to think carefully about what he wants to do in 2 years time...
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    RIP Alan Rankine

    The affectionate punch is still heavily played on my ipod. Some great songs. Him and Billy only had a combined age of about 100 at their deaths. A very sad loss
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    League Ladders

    I loved these and used the bits of card to enable me to do a 'proper' cup draw as well. Never could get a pen to put numbers on my marbles successfully to do it with numbered balls. Oh happy days, Boro won the cup every year, often beating Hartlepool or Darlow one of the later rounds