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  1. BlindBoyGrunt

    John Cooper Clarke - Mbrough Town Hall

    I find him a bit boring.
  2. BlindBoyGrunt

    Championship: Boro Average Home[4th] - Away[8th] - Overall[4th] - Attendances 22/23

    R00fie's figures refer not to the number of traveling supporters but to how many fans each team have played against away from home. So Burnley's figure of 20,957 is not their average away following.
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    Given the above answers and the fact that Akpom was great and Archer was a f*****g handful, it's easy to see how hard Maddison's choice was today.
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    The Globe Stockton - Failed vanity project?

    Is the Globe not competing against the Town Hall? If M'bro council bought the Empire I think it would be used more as a theatre than a venue. The council had the chance to do this years ago when Faulconer had it, but they ballsed it up.
  5. BlindBoyGrunt

    Leaving restaurants without paying bills

    In the late 70s me and this Welsh bloke arrived at a place in Germany to work on the Shipyard. We asked the lads in the digs where we could get a bite to eat nearby and they directed us to a pub. We went, and had a couple of pints and a pizza. The next day after work we were in the same pub with...
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    Leaving restaurants without paying bills

    More publicised. When did doing a runner become worthy of the printed media? i would not like to pay upfront. We in the UK have only just gotten liberal opening hours for bars that have been enjoyed on the continent forever. To introduce prepay restaurants would make us look like a nation of...
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    Remarkable Front Page News!

    He's proved two things. He isn't very bright and he isn't very good at sex.
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    Gooners v United

    I would love Arsenal to take the title this season.
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    I'm not sure you can put it down to one misplaced pass. When he plays like this he makes the crowd and the defence nervous, and the ball leading up to the penalty was about 70/30 in his favour if he had come out for it.
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    It's his own personal decision making that is the problem. Today he tried to thread a pass through two Sunderland players to a man on the edge of the 18 yard box facing his own goal, when a simple ball to the left back position was on.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" "Wear-Tees Derby: Sunlun v Boro Match-Day Thread *

    Let's face it, it's their cup final, they were more up for it than we were.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" "Wear-Tees Derby: Sunlun v Boro Match-Day Thread *

    That was not a penalty. They were pushing each other back then as soon as he hit the line he went down. That said, Steffen should have been piling off his line as soon as the ball broke.
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    Northallerton knocks Thirsk into a cocked hat.
  14. BlindBoyGrunt

    'Independent' report on dredging now complete

    Why not just read the report summary in the link? Or look who.took part in the report and ask yourself what would be in it for them all to collude in a cover up?
  15. BlindBoyGrunt

    'Independent' report on dredging now complete

    You clearly have not read the report or even the summary. Twelve experts have concluded that dredging is the least likely cause of the mortality event but you conclude that that means it somehow must. That is pseudoscience at it's best. Also, all working rivers are dredged...
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    'Independent' report on dredging now complete

    Pyridine was found in samples from all over the UK. It's in the report.
  17. BlindBoyGrunt

    'Independent' report on dredging now complete

    The Report is here. The membership consisted of: Gideon Henderson – Defra Chief Scientific Adviser Eileen Bresnan – Marine Scotland Jan Brooke – Environmental consultant Keith Davidson – Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) Mike Dearnaley – HR Wallingford Mark Fitzsimons – University...
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    Lester Piggot did time. Boris Becker did time and got deported. Doddy and Jimmy Carr were hauled in front of the beak. What is it about Tory politicians in the 2020's? They seem to get all the luck.:confused:
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    'Independent' report on dredging now complete

    So eleven different organisations - excluding people with past involvement or Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) - made up the panel of experts. Is it not possible that the die off was actually nothing to do with the dredging afterall?