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  1. xxlshirts_fit_all

    Lumley subbed against man itd

    That’s good to hear.. I liked him but his rush keeper methods were crazy.. Steffan seems to be opposite and too casual on the ball..
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    Lumley subbed against man itd

    Anyone know why, didn’t see anything that said he was invited or bobbins?…
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    A word for the ref yesterday

    I thought he was quite lenient with us but the guy sat on my other side to the “taking the knee” guy obviously thought he’d come on the Watford coach… 😂
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    Brighton v Liverpool itv now

    He could be playing regular for a lot less wage… im guessing this is a good compromise for him and he will go into coaching at the end of his career..
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    Anyone a fan of the short corners to howson yesterday…

    first one, I saw him chatting with carrick then dropped short but not close to Giles for the corner and he whipped it to the back post… still no goal from a corner but at least we’re beating the first man and getting it in there, even with a normal corner they repeated it just after but I don’t...
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    Booing taking the knee

    Guy next to me went mental when they took the knee, albeit a bit delayed teaction to their action and the booing had already stopped… he wasn’t watching the pitch but turned round just to be offended.. I was gonna just ignore his act and let him off with freedom of expression until he tried to...
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    * The Unofficial "Official". Boro v Watford. Match-Day Thread *

    A great team performance… enjoyed that thoroughly..
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    Remarkable Front Page News!

    One comment I read was ‘I feel sorry for Viz, how do they compete with this…’ 😂
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    Surely the this is a joke - speechless

    It’s going to be car crash TV… Bit I will give it a miss thanks… I’m sure it will be a meme fest after it’s airing….
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    Ever wondered why you bother ?

    I was just thinking yesterday how upbeat your recent posts had seemed and almost commented… I wish I had now, to let you know people on here are on your side… I hope you enjoy your day tomorrow… im looking forward to it too after a pretty meh week… hopefully a win will lift your spirits but...
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    Tesla drivers…

    The battery life does depreciate though… doesn’t it? don’t shoot me down though.. I’ve got one, I enjoy it but I do see why others a sceptical about them or even don’t like them… each to their own, it’s difficult to get everyone to agree a point so sometimes just best agreeing to disagree...
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    The political challenge

    Marina Purkis will be feasting off it for a while… 😏
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    Press Conference 2pm

    Had a chat with my mate (a Sunderland fa) after Sunday… was expecting pelters but he held back… pour conclusions, both teams seem to be enjoying the championship much more than we will enjoy the premiership… so, are any games must win 🤷🏼‍♂️ as long as enough of them are wins to keep us interested…😏
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    The political challenge

    She said she doesn’t read those papers though…. probably just the headlines…🤦🏼‍♂️
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    The political challenge

    I’m thinking if you’d not tire giving him a shoeing there must be something you particularly dislike about him to make you feel such animosity to him…🤷🏼‍♂️
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    The political challenge

    each to their own, but what do you find so loathsome about Jeremy vine?
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    Tesla drivers…

    Not read all the replies here but what does ICE stand for 🤷🏼‍♂️ always thought it was ’in car entertainment… ’
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    Tesla drivers…

    I’ve had a couple of VW beetles and a T2 camper van and they were real driving experiences.. loved them… Never really had a sporty car, my last was a golf R… sporty look but pretty flat engine but still a good drive.. The electric car is very nice to drive but I understand how people think...
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    Tesla drivers…

    What’s with the charging curve?
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    Ex-MP Jared O’Mara made up expenses claims to fund cocaine habit, court told [Gruniad]

    Is he a Liverpool fan, love the liver bird on his napper…