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  1. Way_Out_West

    Watmore to Millwall ?

    Useful at the time, but an expendable squad player now. A bit like Warnock's tenure, not quite good enough for the next level.
  2. Way_Out_West

    Anyone a fan of the short corners to howson yesterday…

    It was their big centre back who was off. Couldn't believe we didn't put it over.
  3. Way_Out_West

    Newy's Notebook - Watford 📖✍️

    Heart over head with that choice. Goalkeeper looked the best I thought.
  4. Way_Out_West

    You can always tell a lot about a player once they leave from his clubs fans.

    I remember the same type of messages when we signed Payero, that worked out well. Saying that, I do think Barlaser will be a great fit in this team.
  5. Way_Out_West

    Appeal unsuccessful

    Looks like Stewart won't be getting his foot on any line for a while
  6. Way_Out_West

    Why do we still use glass?

    Because it's cheap to source, cheap to produce and infinitely recyclable?
  7. Way_Out_West

    Appeal unsuccessful

    Even the one that was outside the box?
  8. Way_Out_West

    Toyosi Olusanya signs for Arbroath...

    You missed out Jones. The rest are Warnock's though.
  9. Way_Out_West

    Toyosi Olusanya signs for Arbroath...

    Warnock signing. He thought he had what it takes to play at champo level
  10. Way_Out_West

    Appeal unsuccessful

  11. Way_Out_West

    Appeal unsuccessful

    Only if there was contact on his foot at the time it was on or past the line. If none of Fry was ever in the box, or up to the line, I don't see how he could have committed an offence inside the box.
  12. Way_Out_West

    Should we appeal the red card?

    Love the release by MFC: "The defender received a straight red card - and was adjudged to have conceded a penalty - after Black Cats striker Ross Stewart went to ground outside of the box."
  13. Way_Out_West

    Next 6 games

    I think we can do even better than that, I'll go for 17 points (y)
  14. Way_Out_West

    Are we over reliant on Giles

    Is your point that we did more short passing under Wilder than Carrick? Well, the answer to that is no. In which case the stats would contradict your "hoofball" comment even more.
  15. Way_Out_West

    Are we over reliant on Giles

    I know you're just fishing, but if you're really bothered about a non-rival you can look at the stats, it's all out there. Boro 3rd in league on short passes (S'land 9th) Boro 21st in league on long passes (S'land 17th)...
  16. Way_Out_West

    Are we over reliant on Giles

    Giles suffered a bit from that shocker of a pitch, and also Sunderland did of good job of marking any targets so not much to aim for. The amount of quality balls he's put in this season he can have an off day without being overly criticised.
  17. Way_Out_West

    Are we over reliant on Giles

    Only one team playing hoof ball yesterday! Hit the big man!
  18. Way_Out_West

    Do we have to listen to the bias pathetic commentary on sky

    I especially liked the disappointed sigh from the commentator when Steffan made a save, or the interruption from chatting about Sunderland players golfing abilities to focus on a Sunderland chance with the comment "wait, we're in here".
  19. Way_Out_West

    Should we appeal the red card?

    Yes of course he gets criticised if he comes out and misses the ball. You can't base decisions on assuming you will miss the ball though. He should have been out and cut that attack off.
  20. Way_Out_West

    That was outside the box

    Only if it's the foot that has been 'contacted'. Having a foot on the line while your being fouled doesn't make it in the box.