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  1. Craggsy2

    Watmore’s message to fans

    Love him, he gave his all and left some great memories. Wished he'd stuck around till at least the end of the season, surprised we let him go to a rival for the play off spots.
  2. Craggsy2

    Everton fans gutted surely at appointment ?

    My boss is an Everton supporter and said Dyche was his preferred choice.
  3. Craggsy2

    Anyone know Sicily?

    Syracuse is definitely worth a visit. Nice beaches for when the sun comes out.
  4. Craggsy2

    Sean Dyche, the new Everton manager

    Even more reason to want to see them relegated.
  5. Craggsy2

    Darlow to Hull

    Weren't there some posters saying we should sign him pre season? Probably OKish at Championship level.
  6. Craggsy2


    I really think we could have won that World Cup there was so much talent available. Pity the ref robbed us against France.
  7. Craggsy2

    So is it looking to be just Archer this window?

    Squad is very thin, especially in midfield. One or two injuries in important positions and we are f*****
  8. Craggsy2

    * The Unofficial "Official" "Wear-Tees Derby: Sunlun v Boro Match-Day Thread *

    Mogga getting the best from Patrick Roberts. I always thought there was a player in there.
  9. Craggsy2

    Watford, Blackburn, Luton and Millwall

    Norwich looking strong again with Wagner in charge. What are the odds of another Boro vs Norwich play off final!
  10. Craggsy2


    Much prefer the pubs in Northallerton. Maybe I’m a poor man!
  11. Craggsy2

    Wilder favourite for Blackpool Manager [Gazette]

    Really don’t know why clubs give him another job. Needs to retire before it gets embarrassing.
  12. Craggsy2

    Transporter Bridge

    Lovely pics, many thanks for sharing.
  13. Craggsy2

    Spain want to jail Shakira for 8 years

    She has and trashing Gerard Pique, his mother and the new girlfriend at the same time: Love it!
  14. Craggsy2

    Clarkson sacked by Amazon

    I bow to you my Lord
  15. Craggsy2

    Clarkson sacked by Amazon

    Sherlock you are Mr PC. What would the world be like if we were all like you.
  16. Craggsy2

    Clarkson sacked by Amazon

    Shame, me, the wife and kids really love the Grand Tour. It brings us all together for a good laugh. Hopefully another channel will pick it up
  17. Craggsy2

    If Crooks is out longish term, what do we do?

    I’d bring Jones back in and play Forss central
  18. Craggsy2

    Dream relegation..

    So we’re not going up this year?
  19. Craggsy2

    Rotherham v Blackburn.

    What odds on Blackburn going the whole season without drawing? Might ask the bookies.
  20. Craggsy2

    Connor Malley

    Looks like it didn't work out at Rochdale then. Shame for the lad, I thought he would at least be able to hold it down at that level.