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  1. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    John Cooper Clarke - Mbrough Town Hall

    The thing about that night is that you went on at about 8 ish, then they couldn't get JCC out of the Pig Iron until about 10. The Fall had to play a truncated set because of the curfew!
  2. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Astonishing Championship wages: Burnley,Blades,Mackems,Watford,Stoke,Boro [Wigan Today]

    A few of those players are on recently relegated clubs, so I assume that they'll be still on Premiership wages - in Gibson's case, probably from two Norwich sessions in the Premiership ago. Harlee Dean astounds me though. Looking at the Boro, even with say 25,000 (it's not) season ticket...
  3. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Predicting the future - 1969 edition.

    Sorry, it's from Goal, 19 July 1969.
  4. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Predicting the future - 1969 edition.

    From Twitter, a letters page from July 1969, and I'm afraid I laughed a bit too much at this particular letter....
  5. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    1975 Boro - desperadoes all

    "Remember - these men are believed to be armed and dangerous. Do not approach them". Terry Cooper there, clearly outside Elland Road with a L**ds kit on, and someone's taken a felt pen to him. Nicked from The League Magazine (@theleaguemag) on Twitter.
  6. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Boro v Everton ITV4

    The previous episode threw up a strange one. Featured games were Palace v Man City, Derby v WBA. So there were four Boro managers to be involved; Venables, Allison, Rioch and Robson.
  7. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Cup Finals you remember as a kid!!

    First one I remember was 68, West Brom 1, Everton 0. For some reason I was desperate for West Brom to win, and they went 1-0 (Astle) deep in extra time, and I was so nervous, I had to go hide in my bedroom until the final whistle sounded. I can remember something from most other cup finals...
  8. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Some people are saying the WC final was the best match ever played!!

    (Old fart alert) It reminded me of the 1979 Cup Final. Arsenal cruise to a 2-0 lead, nothing happens for 70 minutes then the whole thing goes insane. The last 50 minutes or so of game time were brilliant drama, probably caused by France having about eight strikers on the pitch. If that French...
  9. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Boro: Anyone recognise the new signing back right?

    "Boss, do I have to...? "Yes you do Paddy, now get out there and enjoy yourself. Or else".
  10. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Boro on the telly, trivia anyone know?

    It was Fischer's 50th yesterday, so what better way to spend it than watching the highlights of the 87-88 promotion season while having a beer or two with him and Miniature G. Who knew that everyone got so annoyed at us spending £200k on Trevor Senior - there were people asking where their...
  11. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Q. about the World Cup and Championship Fixtures.

    Championship restarts on the 10th December. The knock out stages of the World Cup start the Saturday before. What happens if a Championship club has a player still involved? If Australia get out of the group, then Ryley McGree will be still involved. Luton who we play have a Welsh...
  12. atomicloonybin aka ALB


    Blimey, some selective memories on here. I loved the bloke, but there were actual punches thrown on the Holgate during his last season between pro- and anti- factions. It was a real season of drift. One big memory is his then wife giving the Gazette loads of interviews, including one where she...
  13. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Hassenhutl sacked

    Chris Wilder's antenna will be twitching....
  14. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Red n White Shorts: Boro 2 Bristol City 1. 1991.

    That's still one of my favourite Boro incidents. Parkinson, hand ball in the box. Walsh, hand ball in the box. Phillips looks like he's waiting for the whistle, bangs the ball forward to Ripley, winning goal. Daylight robbery.
  15. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Check to see if you can increase your state pension

    Yeah, I "bought" some years as well. I'm still about £5 a week short of the maximum, but can't do anything until the 21-22 figures are available. Mind you, if rumour is correct you'll have to be 70 to collect it.
  16. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Hancock suspended as MP because...

    Did Dorries get suspended when she appeared on it? How about suspending Johnson? Apparently he's on holiday again while parliament is sitting.
  17. atomicloonybin aka ALB


    No Watmore at all, injured?
  18. atomicloonybin aka ALB

    Paul Mullin

    Sadly, they've banned him from wearing them.