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    Is there “bots” on this site?

    And in people’s posts ? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Sory Kaba to Cardiff

    I hope they pay for a decent flight this time ? 🤔
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    New local darts supplier

    What else are you selling its blocked on my works PC ? 😲
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    Is there “bots” on this site?

    Looking at this the site is full of bots ?
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    Is there “bots” on this site?

    They get booted in no time. This is now a craic free political forum. :unsure:
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    Ross Stewart

    Knock on from Fry's vicious tackle last week ? :unsure:
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    Spent the day in Funchal on Christmas Eve when our cruise stopped there. What a lovely place we did all the usual tourist stuff like the cable car and toboggan.
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    Wetherspoons closes 39 pubs

    Wetherspoons serve a purpose. The swatters is one of the busiest pubs in Boro. The one in Harrogate is decent as well. It’s the pubs currently charging £5 and over for a pint of lager that deserve no customers.
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    Frank Lampard Sacked

    He’s 25/1 😂
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    Bumping Up Old Threads

    Jedi is quiet on this subject ? :unsure:
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    Sunderland Away Ticket Info

    My son just messaged said same got 168 points and letting him get them 😳
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    The adverts on here..

    Todays offering 😮
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    Name a place that once you visited exceeded your perception

    We where in Funchal Madeira on Christmas Eve we stopped off on a cruise. Was a lovely place the Christmas lights made it even better. We went to Nerja in Spain for a few days last year. Another lovely place that exceeded our expectations.
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    Indigenous Middlesbrough families...... I think hes calling out the councillor for Berwick Hills and Pallister Park to help sort out the crime there. ;)
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    No hes not.
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    What are your plans for tonight

    Nightshift. :cry:
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    Some people are saying the WC final was the best match ever played!!

    A bit over the top there was only 1 team in it for 75 minutes.
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    Mac alister

    No chance he will play.
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    Bloom(the new restaurant)

    I went about 6 weeks ago. Shame to see things havent improved. Ordered a drink when we arrived. Never turned up. Asked another 3 times before it turned up. Had finished our meal by the time it did. We took our drinks upstairs to the cocktail bar. After a while we where told there is plenty of...
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    Stack Choose Temporary Pop Up Middlesbrough Scheme

    My experience of Bloom was sort of been there done it wont be rushing back. Can see a lot of people being like that.