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    On This Day - 30th January 1649 ...

    How did the executioner manage to swing his axe, !? or was he a little person
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    Yesterday was a huge game

    We will see how far weve come in a fortnight when we play Sheff Utd. They have pulled us to pieces the last 2 times weve played them. 1 game at a time tho ,
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    Yesterday was a huge game

    Not Just the win, but the manner of the win, the performance was night and day to last week. Lets hope that the coaching staff have identified the reasons for the Sunderland performance and are instructing / coaching that play which we saw yesterday. Higher line, more intensity, aggression...
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    Player celebrating another professional being sent off.

    Ok, while were here on the subject of this lad, when he scored ( and a good goal it was ) did he also gesture at the Boro support for a considerable time ( hand on ear and other hand doing something, no idea what he meant ) rather than celebrate his goal. Is there any history here with this lad
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    Ardon Jashari

    Probably end up playing in the "stiffs", is he hard in the tackle ?
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    Humiliating defeat yesterday

    Alrite Michael, welcome to the board. Keep up the good work.
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    Humbling defeat

    How do you know it wouldnt have ended differently. In cup competitions lesser skilled teams outfight their more skillfull oponents. Its happened to us numerous times as well .
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    Humbling defeat

    you take up a better position, get closer , dont stand off , close down spaces off the ball, track your man, niggley fouls , put them off their game, disrupt their rythmn. Dont just stand off and run around half arsed.
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    Humbling defeat

    Embarrasing more like, no fight to match their skill, no effort to match their pace . Showing the side to us which has seen us yo yo up and down the league under 4 different managers
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    Sky Highlights

    Now Then George, Happy new year mate !
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    The end?

    That is all well and good, but the war crimes commited by Russian " citizens" against the Ukrainian population will not be easily forgotton. In towns and villages, its not just the politicians . It will take decades to forgive .
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    Norwich fan view on Boro breakdown podcast

    Not quite what the threads about but , just wondering whats the Norwich fans connection as he sounds like hes from Teesside ? Oh and Boro Interlinked has it right. I cant understand how people be so confident , maybes im just a miserable old twxxt
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    Massimo Luongo

    Ive noticed in the training session podcasts that hes scored a few screamers in top corner, looks like he knows where the goal is. I know its a different kettle of fish in a real game
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    BBC tees post match

    Ive never heard anything more ridiculous
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    Kieron Scott

    Jordan didnt infer to it being the Chelsea game, which was a month before Dyche being sacked. However smoke and mirrors and all that. It doesnt tho address the continual chatter Jordan referenced " indexing" by people attached to Wilder
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    Kieron Scott

    For Gaz s benefit and any others on the fence, you tube Simon Jordan on Chris Wilder, This being whilst Wilder was still with us, he lays open his opinion on Wilder , informing the listener of numerous instances of Wilders associates within the football web,( and the word he used was "indexing...
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    Carricks press conference 3pm

    To be fair to Bausor, ive been in his company at a Boro supporters event and he struck me as a nice fella, had good craic and wanted the best for Boro and was very enthusiastic. I can only speak as i find. Thats something i know to be correct, everything else on here about him is all fabricated...
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    Top Three Albums...

    70s Ac/ Dc Highway to Hell Thin Lizzy Live And Dangerous Meatloaf Bat out of Hell