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    When did Subway (sandwiches) get so expensive?

    He does eat them yes. It was only a once in a while treat because he is having a bit of a hard time at the moment and he's had to endure my cooking all week. :D
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    When did Subway (sandwiches) get so expensive?

    Yes, I know Subway is rubbish, but I said to my son he could have a McDonalds tonight and he said he would prefer Subway. He got a ham footlong meal deal plus bacon which is extra. The total: £9 and 39 new pence !!! I had to check they hadn't made a mistake. Nope, only mistake was made by me...
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    What’s the most obscure tv show you like

    Halt and Catch Fire - a drama focusing on several people at the start of the home computer boom. I know it doesn't sound too interesting, but for a geek like me it was great and got decent reviews.
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    Discussions to take place about domestic cup competitions

    Give a champions league place to the winners of each competition. Problem solved. The big boys would then give them the respect they deserve and it would also open the CL up to more than just money bags teams.
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    The tactical changes at half time at Blackburn as well. It showed Woody chatting to Carrick before half time and when interviewed after the game Carrick said that he couldnt take all the credit for the tactical changes.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Brum Match-Day Thread *

    How come you are getting Brum commentary?
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    New Year beer and music thread

    Discovered this guy this month and covering song of what I might have a sup of later.....
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    New Year beer and music thread

    All the best to everyone. Hope you all have a good new year. Quiet one for me, home alone but going to have a nice beer and watch a film.
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    People queueing up for Prime drink!

    Didn't we have fads when we were kids? Yo-yo's, Garbage pale cards, Pogs, Tazos - there were loads and most of the time they were tat with a big marketing budget.
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    People queueing up for Prime drink!

    My son wants some and I went to my local Aldi this morning as I need a few things and it opens at 8am ( i draw the line at queuing at 6am). There was a big queue outside. Doors open and everyone rushed in not observing the queue. I walked in and saw there was one small shelf and grown men...
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    Any retro gaming fans

    I did the same - I put two pre-orders in (one on my account and one on my sons). Mine came first and I sold it for twice I paid, so when my son's came it was "free". It is a great bit of kit. I dont use it a great deal because I have a gaming PC, but when away with work it is invaluable. I have...
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    Gaming PC's....

    Yes, we really need to know what games they play now and what types of games they might want to play in the future. Also, what is your budget? The one you linked to isnt a gaming PC - I know it says it is, but honestly, it isnt. No dedicated graphics card like others have mentioned. Also - even...
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    Brazil v Serbia

    Thanks - so the commentators are not pronouncing it correctly - it's really annoying me (I know it shouldnt).
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    Brazil v Serbia

    How do you pronounce Paqueta? They are both saying Paket-arr, but I am certain it should be Pakweta?
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    That bit of Chuba skill on the touch line…

    It's not on the Sky highlights which is criminal. Might have to wait for highlights on the Boro website.
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    Hayden Hackney is going to be a huge star ***

    I think he is getting better every game. First couple of performances were steady, but showed he was capable at this level. The last few games he has ran the show and looks the complete midfielder. I hope he keeps working hard and keeps his feet on the ground, because if he does he has a really...
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    Young Hackney

    I think since he has broke into the team he has got steadily better with each match. If he continues this form and continues to improve we have a really good player on our hands. He has all the attributes and I can't see an obvious weakness in his game. He's also the only midfielder we have got...
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    Caller (Mark) on BBC Radio Tees

    Just listened to it, he needs to stop going if he feels that performance was "lacklustre". I thought we played really well and even the chances we missed were down to the keeper having a blinder.
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    MFC Official: "My Boro Journey" - Yusuf Jama [03:40]

    I have had the pleasure of speaking to Yusuf at a few away games and he is such a nice guy. My son loves him and on the way to every away game he is always asking if Yusuf will be there. I really would like them to bring back Yusuf meets - his interviews were always more interesting than...
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    The Noise for Coburn grows Louder

    The best place for Coburn right now is on loan at Bristol Rovers. I am a massive Coburn fan and have watched him for the U23s and the under 18s. He really stands out at those levels which is a very good sign and I am sure he will be a very good player at Championship level, but by being out on...